Sunday, September 12, 2010

No One is Bigger than Chess

Chess will move on, the pace to be set by a new MCF, hopefully, because after 29 September, its expected to see a sweeping change to the Malaysian chess scene especially the candidate supported by MCF  is trailing at 23 to 93 nominations, not 45% chance as whispered by our candidate to his friends or 75 countries are expected to switch camp. A dream maybe a chance maybe but in reality no fat hope or so good luck to Malaysian nomination.....change and out as only way forward ....

Sifu hope a new MCF without these Karpov supporters and bring in new blood but only chess organisers and administrators please, MCF is now truely divided. Look at KL Karpov press conference or farewell dinner by DTCN recently, but no Karpov so  no no not a boycott , do not read the wrong signals but just to stay away as not seen is better than to attend as fasting month is usually breaking fast with the family. And refrain from making fitnahs.

"Sell ice to the Eskimos"Thats was good to quote DTCN at the farewell Diner, when he announced that this Malaysian Chess Festival 2010 is the last of his involvement financially or otherwise.  Dato Tan's track in Malaysia goes way back to the revival of MCF in 70s, it been a mountain but quoting a Malay saying "macam mana tinggi bukit sekali pun kalau di kikis akan rata juga".  Thank you Dato Tan now for a good game of chess anytime.

The involvement of the same organisers were responsible for ending PCMM Malay Open, Malay Masters and finally Catur Merdeka now its Malaysian Chess Festival. Remember Catur Merdeka where state teams were given free lodging but Jawatankuasa Merdeka said enough is enough because MCF keep popping up the budget yearly and sending a loss account and no profit used crying over spilled milk but who cares we just want to play chess but with high entry it worth it!!

Finally Sifu quotes WIM Beatrize Merinello " No One is bigger than chess", a candidate of Kirsan team

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