Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sifu Blogs on Battle at FIDE

Until the elections of FIDE on 28 and 29 September while the Chess Olympiad progress, sifu will try and give the latest news on the FIDE Presidency Battle.
Sifu is a keen supporter of Kirsan Team but for blogging, Sifu will blog for both sides but will not publish lies and accusations as sensationalist as Sifu have been inform after a the battle a lot of more battles coming especially on statements and campaign promises made and will definitely see a number of cases in be prepared and sifu always remember on one of sifu's site where an article published titled "Jangan Aibkan Orang Lain"
Sifu had a discussion recently with two writers, one a Professor and the other a political writer as Sifu also blogs and compiling a book, the advice, to remember when writing tell the truth even if it hurts but never tell a complete or to manufacture a story based on untruth facts or mere rumors or lies as will be there for ever and as a Muslim , one have to answer in the life after, write what you want to practice as a true Muslim.

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