Thursday, September 23, 2010


After browsing the chess blogs with 39th. Chess Olympiad and the many tournaments and in Malaysia local tournaments, it is sad to say the DRESS CODE of many chess players are not deemed to be worn in a prestigious chess tournaments like the Olympiad and representing the country.
It is not the weekend coffee shop quickie so it must be clearly PUBLISHED in the tournament regulations about he dress code. Look at snooker or pool players, all dressed up smartly or even tennis or even football, all smart, clean and civic with respect to suit the different games.
Some chess players do come smartly dressed with coats or sweaters but some come totally untidy. Have seen some chess players in slippers and short trunks like going for picnic or a dip in the pool.
Chess is the game of smart people with high IQ of good standing in the society. The respect due is tremendous for these brainny people so DRESS CODE looking smart, clean and chic is a must.
Hopefully all organisers must put this demand of dress code in the tournament regulations to make chess smart and beautiful. But no see through or skin tight to distract the opponents.

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