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2010 a new challenge

Come 2010, a lot of 2009 happenings could be repeated but the chess affairs at both national levels are still hanging and suspending unsolved and incommunicado so its not shocking to hear that MSSM will drop chess from its calender and events, but God is great and chess will still progress and prosper so for a better hope in the new year.

Anyway all the best for 2010

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



6 and 7 Febuary 2010

Sifu received an email with regards to MMU Melaccaa Chess International Open 2010
No details yet but it would be like last 2009 Open format and prizes and Sifu will established details once finalised but keep 6 and 7 February 2010 your date in Malacca

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Great extended Aminah Family Gossip Group

Cutting her 90th. Birthday cake

With her 3rd. generation grandchild Alina.
This fantastic grand lady, who was born and lived in Kuala Lumpur on 18 December 1919 and celebrated her 90th. birthday last week in Port Dickson with her extended family from her children, to grandchildren to great grandchildren with an annual Family day by Aminah Family Gossip Group. She is Sifu's mum

Aminah binti Abdullah is a 1st. generation Kuala Lumpurian, who struggle through 2nd World War, the Emergency Era of 50's. the birth of Malaya then Malaysia, the sufferings of 13 may 1969. Her life is the history of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.



SBM telah menyediakan hadiah menarik untuk Kejohanan catur Berpasukan 2009
Syarat utama misti menjadi ahli SBM, kedua setiap pasukan tidak melebehi mata kiran cacat penglihatan tidak melebehi 6 mata dari combinasi B1, B2 dan B3 = 6 mata
Juara : KL Braille terdiri daripada Mah Hassan Omar(B1), Saharuddin Mappa(B3) dan Nur Fiqhua (B2) mendapat RM 1000 manakala
Naib Juara: KL/Selangor SBM A yang terdiri dari Amir Samsuddin (B1) Mat Idris saman (B1) dan Mahadir Ghani (B3)mendapat Rm 800.00, dengan kiraan begini maka setiap kumpulan akan mengandungi ahli B1 B2 dan B3 dan tidak lagi 3 ahl;i B3 boleh bersatu dalam satu kumpulan.


CHESS Daily Express
December 20,2009
By Luke McShane

THE London Chess Classic was the strongest tournament to take place in the capital for a quarter of a century.

The unofficial world number one going into the event, 19-year-old Magnus Carlsen got off to a great start by beating his main competitor Vladimir Kramnik in the first round.

Carlsen notched up further wins against me and the Chinese player Ni Hua to take first place in the event, and secures his place at the top of the next ranking list.

Kramnik also scored three wins, but was unable to catch up with Magnus and took clear second place.

I started well by defeating Nigel Short in an eight hour 163 move marathon game, which must be my longest game ever.

But it was Michael Adams and David Howell who came top amongst the four English players. Both scored one win and six draws.

A poor finish saw me finishing fifth, but I was delighted to receive the best game prize of the tournament for my victory over the American champion Hikaru Nakamura.

Interestingly, the tournament used a football style scoring system of three points for a win and one for a draw.

So the final standings were Carlsen 13, Kramnik 12, Howell and Adams 9, McShane 7, Ni Hua and Nakamura 6 and Nigel Short 5.

The event was expertly organised by Malcolm Pein, and every single game was fought to the end.

That made an excellent spectacle for the many visitors who watched in the often overflowing auditorium and packed the commentary room each day at the Kensington Olympia.

More than a million people followed the event online, and 2500 attended the event, including a dozen schools from as far afield as North Wales.

Additionally, the Chess in Schools and Communities charity has been set up to bring the game to a wider audience in the future.

There are plans afoot for a sequel next year, and even the possibility of the 2012 Fide World Championship coming to London.

Hikaru Nakamura - Luke McShane
(London, 2009)

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Be2 0–0 6.Nf3 e5 7.0–0 Na6 8.Be3 Ng4 9.Bg5 Qe8 10.c5 exd4 11.Nd5 Be6!? A few years ago I lost a couple of games in this sharp variation of the King's Indian, so I wanted to try out this rare move which I hoped would bring more success. 12.Be7 Bxd5 13.Bxf8 Qxf8 13...Kxf8!? was worth serious consideration.

After 14.exd5 Nxc5 15.Nxd4 Ne3! (I hadn't seen this possibility) 16.Ne6+!? Qxe6 17.dxe6 Nxd1 18.Rfxd1 fxe6 and Black has the easier game. 14.exd5 dxc5 15.Qb3 Rb8 A very tense position has arisen. Two pawns for the exchange is enough compensation on paper, but White has time to develop some initiative and the knight on a6 is looking silly.

I hoped that I would find time to round up the d5 pawn before he created counterplay. 16.Rfe1 Qd6 16...b5 was one of my key ideas over the next few moves, but it doesn't quite work here. 17.Bxb5 c6 18.dxc6 Nc7 19.a4 a6! was the idea, winning material, but White could play 18.Qa4! instead. 17.h3 Nf6 18.Bxa6 I was slightly relieved to see this. 18.a3 was critical, calmly locking out the knight on a6.

During the game I was frantically trying to calculate the consequences of 18...b5?! (18...Bh6! looks much more prudent, taking control of g5 and c1) 19.Bxb5 c6 20.dxc6 Nc7 21.a4 a6 22.Ne5 Qf8! (22...axb5 23.Qxf7+ Kh8 24.axb5 looked terribly dangerous, and later my computer confirmed my hunch that Black is losing here) 23.Nd7 Nxd7 24.cxd7 and I was struggling to fathom this position from a distance - Black is probably doing at least okay after 24...Qd8! (but not 24...axb5 25.axb5 Nxb5? 26.Qxb5! Rxb5 27.Ra8!! Qxa8 28.Re8+ Qxe8 29.dxe8Q+ Bf8 30.Qxb5 and White wins!).

18...Qxa6 19.Rac1 19.Ne5 Qd6 20.Nc6? looks tricky but runs into a counterpunch: 20...c4! 21.Qb5 a6! and White loses material. 19...Bf8 20.Ne5 Qb6?! If I had seen the possibility of 21.d6 I might have prevented it altogether. 20...Bd6 21.Qf3 Bxe5 22.Rxe5 Qd6 looks quite promising for Black. 21.Qf3?! Creating dangerous threats on the kingside (including the immediate threat of Nxf7 followed by Re1–e6), but this is very double-edged.

21.d6! was not a move I had noticed. 21...Qxb3 22.dxc7! That's the point. 22...Rc8 23.axb3 Nd5!? When Black will pick up the c7 pawn with a balanced game. 21...Qd6 22.g4 There's no time to waste, as I was threatening Kg8-g7 followed by Qd6xd5. 22...Bh6 23.Rc2 Re8!

Deflecting White's rook from the c-file. 23...Rf8 24.Nd3 b6 25.b4! was annoying, as 25...cxb4 is met by 26.Rc6! winning the knight on f6. 24.Rce2 Rf8 Covering f7 to prepare the capture on d5. 25.Nc4 25.Rc2!? was worth considering, for a surprising reason.

After 25...Nxd5 26.Nc4 Qd8 27.Na5! White regains a pawn due to a pretty knight maneouvre: 27...b6? 28.Nc6 Qd6 29.Qxd5! Qxd5 30.Ne7+ Kg7 31.Nxd5. 25...Qxd5 A triumph - finally the pawn drops off! 26.Qxf6 Bg7! An important intermezzo. After 26...Qxc4 27.Re8 White seeks counterplay by Qf6-d8 followed by Re8xf8 and Re1–e8. 27...Qd5 28.Rxf8+ Bxf8 29.Re8 threatens Qf6-e7, and after 29...Qd6 30.Qxd6 cxd6 31.Ra8 the pawn harvest begins. 27.Qh4?! 27.Qf4 Qxc4 28.Re8 was better, I thought.

From f4 the c7 pawn comes under attack and the d-pawn is temporarily pinned. 28...Qd5 29.Qxc7 d3 should still be promising for Black. 27...Qxc4 28.Re8 Qd5 29.Rxf8+ Bxf8 30.Re8 Kg7 31.g5 Or 31.Qd8 Qxd8 32.Rxd8 a5. In the very worst case I saw that Bf8-d6 and b7-b6 would protect all the pawns, so all the winning chances are with Black. 31...Qd6 32.Kf1 32.Qh6+ Kg8 just leads to a dead end. 32...b5 The game of Space Invaders begins. 33.Ke1 c4 34.Qe4 c5 35.h4!?

With the clock running down, I thought this was connected with the obscure idea of h4-h5 and f2-f4-f5-f6+, but the simpler idea is Qe4-f3-f6+. The immediate 35.Qf3 was well met by Be7, hitting the g5 pawn. 35.f4!? preparing to recapture on e5 with the pawn, was also interesting. 35...c3 36.bxc3 dxc3 37.Qe5+ Qxe5+ 38.Rxe5 a5 39.Kd1 39.Re8 a4 40.Ra8 might have been tougher but neither side had much time to think before move forty. 39...a4 40.a3!? b4 41.Kc2 Having made the time control I had a very long think. 41...f5 and 41...h5 both came to mind, but I settled on 41...h6!

Softening up the g5 square gives the bishop more scope sometimes, but this move comes with a more subtle idea as well. 42.Rd5? (see diagram 1) Apparently the losing move. 42.Re8 was better, and then I couldn't see a win for Black. 42...hxg5 43.hxg5 Bd6 44.Ra8 b3+ 45.Kxc3 Be5+ 46.Kd2 (46.Kd3? c4+! 47.Kxc4 b2 wins as b8 is covered by the bishop) 46...c4 47.Rxa4 c3+ 48.Kc1 Bd6 49.Kb1 and now White threatens Ra4-c4, so Black has to take a draw with 49...c2+ 50.Kb2 Be5+ 51.Kc1 Bd6 when neither side can make progress.

42...hxg5 43.hxg5 Kh7! The hidden idea behind 41...h6! 44.Rd7?! 44.axb4 cxb4 45.Rb5 keeps chances alive for White by forestalling Bf8-g7, but the pawns are very strong.(45.Ra5? meets with a pretty refutation though: 45...b3+ 46.Kxc3 Bb4+! 47.Kxb4 b2 and the pawn promotes) 44...Bg7! 45.Rxf7 b3+ 46.Kb1 46.Kc1 Kg8 47.Ra7 Bd4 48.Rxa4 Kf7! is winning in the same way as the game. 46...Kg8

The knowledge that any slip could even mean losing the game kept me on my toes. The other idea I looked at was 46...c4?? 47.Ra7 c2+ 48.Kc1 c3 49.Rxa4 Bf8 and I thought that with the rook tied down I could play Bf8x-c5xf2, and eventually threaten mate on both a3 and e3. Unfortunately, 50.Rb4! and after 50...Bxb4 51.axb4 there isn't time to catch the nimble passed pawn. 47.Ra7 Bd4! 48.Rxa4 Kf7! With the support of the king one of the pawns can be forced home. 48...Bxf2 was too slow.

After 49.Rc4! Black is in serious danger, but may be able to salvage a draw with 49...Bd4 50.a4 c2+ (50...Kf7? 51.a5 Ke6 52.a6 Kd5 53.Rxd4+ and White promotes in time) 51.Kc1 Be3+ 52.Kb2 Bd2! 53.Rxc5 Kf7 54.a5 c1=Q+ 55.Rxc1 Bxa5 56.Kxb3 Bd2 and the weak g5 pawn makes it hard to progress. 49.Ra6 49.Rxd4 cxd4 50.a4 d3 and the king can't hold up all three pawns any more. 49...Be5! Preparing c3-c2+ and Be5-f4+ so the rook must retreat. 50.Ra4 Ke6 51.Rh4 Kd5 52.a4 c4 53.Rh1 c2+ 54.Kc1 c3 55.Rh4 Bd6 (see diagram 2) A pretty finish. Mate follows on a3.


Sifu baru ini berpeluang untuk bersama NCBM (National Council for Blind Malaysia) di pejabat NCBM untuk berbincang dan berdialog dengan MSN yang di wakili oleh Pengarah Cawangan Paralimpik, Mohd Safulshahar Yusof dan di Hotel Summit untuk Budget 2010 selain dari Seminar Pembangunan Sukan Paralimpik (rujuk Paralimpik MSN), dan Sifu akan gariskan beberapa rumusan penting untuk OKU dan khas nya untuk Cacat Penglihatan.

Catur masih tersenarai di kacamata Cawangan paralimpik sebab Catur tersenarai di Asean paragames 2011 Bandung tapi untuk 2010, catur tidak mendapat perhatian sebab catur tidak tersenarai di Asia Guanchou 2010 maka begitu lah nasib catur baik untuk normal atau paralimpik.

Berita terkini menyatakan catur disenarai diantara 37 sukan yang akan di pertandingkan di Indonesia 2011 (lihat Gilocatur , Stonemaster atau Bernama) tapi itu 2011 untuk 2010 catur tiada tempat saperti di wawarkan yang catur akan turut menerima nasib malang di peringkat MSSM 2010.

MSN bersetuju pada dasar nya catur akan di terima di MSN Paralimpik tapi di paras rendah sebab catur bukan high performance sports.

Mana MCF? Inilah peranan MCF selama ini sejak 30 tahun di taraf peminta sedekah dan hampir orang yang sama selama 20 tahun lalu dan catur masih di tahap si peminta sedekah.

Pemain pemain yang berjaya adalah hasil titik peluh ibu bapa sahaja, sumbangan MCF zero level, Sifu amat malu maka Sifu lebeh selesa berkhidmat untuk OKU yang Sifu nampak ada tujuan, ada matlamat ada kemenangan Emas untuk Negara. Maaf Sifu dulu satu ketika ada bersama MCF tapi bila Kejohanan Merdeka di rampas dari PCMM dan di masuk dalam kantong MCF atau .... maka PCMM pun berkubur begitu juga Merdeka, Sifu selasa di luar bersama OKU terutama mereka yang cacat penglihatan daripada mereka yang buta dengan jawatan dan kepimpinan kosong selama ini.

Maaf mungkin Sifu terlalu keras dan pedas tapi ini lah realiti MCF ketika ini dengan Setiausaha nya seorang diri berlari sana sini dan yang lain jadi boss dan pemerhati sahaja untuk pandai mengeritik dan buat kerja dengan kepentingan sahaja.
Tapi kalau untuk menyampaikan hadiah atau untuk bergambar mereka pasti ada, kan gambar akan di keluarkan di blog blog!!

Untuk OKU pada 2010, beberapa kejohanan sedang dalam perancangan dan permohonan agar kejohanan tersebut di iktiraf oleh FIDE melalui IBCA atau IPCA tapi pasti beberapa kejohanan OKU akan disenaraikan sebagai kejohanan pemilihan untuk 2011 nanti, jawatankuasa Pemilihan pasti akan menilai atas permainan dan penglibatan pemain dari tahun 2010.

Kejohanan tersenarai dalam perancangan : 1. Kejohanan Catur OKU Hari Wilayah 2010
2. Kejohanan Perseorangan SBM 2010. 3. Kejohanan Catur OKU MBPJ 2010. 4. Kojohanan catur KL Braille,5. Kejohanan Jemputan MCBM 2010 6. 2nd. Asia Blind 7. OKU Jemputan Asia.

Beberapa kejohanan tersebut sudah mendapat penaja dan yang lain dalam perbincangan, pastinya ini semua untuk OKU dan pembangunan catur OKU Malaysia untuk melahirkan jagoh Catur Asia dari OKU Malaysia.

Harapan utama Sifu adalah untuk melihat pembangunan catur dengan berjaya dan sihat dan biarlah pembangunan ini tersusun dengan matlamat membawa kejayaan dan misti mempunyai dana untuk kejayaan ini. Peranan ibu bapa amat penting sekali tetapi biarlah sumbangan mereka di hargai dengan MCF berperanan lebeh professional dan bertanggungjawap bukan lepas tangan dan ambil jalan mudah sahaja serta MCF di pimpin oleh mereka yang mempunyai visi.

Sifu mohon maaf andai penulisan Sifu agak panas dan pedas untuk mereka yang termakan cili tapi kita manusia yang di hujung senja kalau tidak di beri ingatan kita ini pelupa dan kita tidak boleh lagi dari kesilapan sebab kita manusia, inilah harapan Sifu untuk catur di Malaysia agar anak anak kita tidak tercicir di telah zaman saperti yang telah berlaku selama ini.



Nur Fiqhua , pemenang empat emas di Paragames KL09 maseh berbisa di Kejohanan Berpasukan SBM 2009 bla beliau menang empat dari lima pusingan tersebut, hanya Mahadir Ghani yang telah menghalang kemenangan di Pusingan ke 3. Fiqhua yang baru sahaja tamat PMR yang keputusan nya akan di keluarkan pada 24 Disember ini.
Sifu percaya dengan anakanda Fiqhua dan doakan akan mencapai kejayaan dalam apa bidang yang di hadapi nya terutama PMR yang di tempohi satelah mendapat kejayaan dalam Asean Paragames KL09 sabelum PMR tersebut.


Society of Blind in Malaysia headed by President Mah Hassan Hj Omar and Sports Coordinator, Rosham Sidek had their hands full organising the annual SBM Chess Championship and this year is the team event, which attracted 24 players in eight teams from Sarawak and West Malaysia.

It was a 5 Rounds SWISS over two days at the Jati Minda Hall in Setapak, almost all the top Blind players were there Mah Hassan Hj. Omar, Nur Fiqhua Halil, Shaharuddin Mappa, mat Idris Saman, Mahadir Ghani, Moira Mukri and many more top blind players, it was interesting to see a fighting team championship. It should be noted that all SBM Blind Championship will be recognised as a basis for selection of 2010 Blind chess players from now on.

The champion Team : 1. KL Braille : Mah Hassan Hj Omar, Saharuddin Mappa and Nur Fiqhua Halil.
2. Mat Idris saman, Mahadir Ghani and Amir Shamsuddin from KL/Selangor A Team while the KL/Selangor b team got third place.


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She was just a housewife with two kids who sent an email to friends complaining about treatment and wrong diagnosis while seeking treatment at a private hospital but got caught in a system that backfire that lead her to be arrested, jailed, fined and sued but Facebook saved her.
A coin fund to help her collected 600 million Rupiah from the public through coins and notes collection throughout Indonesia.
PRITA MULYASARI you are not alone.
Sifu have been following this case of AMICUS CURIAE for Prita and admired this lady for her courage and for people's power behind her and want Malaysia to share this new hope for the people by an unsung heroine.
Have listed a few sites to understand this beautiful heroine.
Winnipeg Free Press

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sifu dan keluarga mengucapkan selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah 1431. Di doakan semoga 1431 membawa kejayaan, panjang umur, murah rezeki dan di beri kesihatan yang baik Amin.

Ada banyak blog yang menyiarkan Doa akhir Tahun dan Doa Awal Tahun lihat; dan terima kasih untuk ingatan kepada Sifu.


Sifu ada terima satu ucapan Yang ingin di kongsi bersama:

setting NIAT,
upgrade IMAN,
download SABAR,
upload USAHA,
update DOA,
& topup ILMU,
agar kita sama sama lebeh
hampir pada ILLAHI
Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah 1431.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Farah AF menjadi artis pertama yang sanggup duduk untuk mempelajari cara orang cacat penglihatan bermain catur mengunakan papan braille. Terima kasih Farah AF OKU loves you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



TARIKH : 11 - 18 jULAI 2010


Acara : Catur Paralimpik ikut format Asean Paragames
Perseorangan dan Berpasukan Lelaki dan Wanita
Kategori : 1. Cacat Penglihatan B1
2. Cacat Penglihatan B2 B3
3. Campur Cacat Penglihatan B1, B2 dan B3
4. Cacat Anggota
5. Cacat Anggota Rapid

Hadiah : Pingat Emas, Perak dan Gangsa Perseorangan dan Berpasukan 3 Pemain

Ini adalah kejohanan terulung untuk OKU dua tahun sekali anjuran KBS, MSN dan MPM di negeri penganjur SUKMA.

Ini juga peringatan awal untuk semua jurulatih dan pasukan negeri untuk mula mencari pemain negeri dan berdaftar dengan Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri dalam Kejohanan Catur Paralimpik yang berperanan untuk mencungkil bakat baru untuk pasukan Malaysia untuk Asean Paragames Bandung 2011 dan beberapa kejohanan antarabangsa yang sedang dalam perancangan.

Kalau anda jurulatih atau penganjur cari dan latih pasukan negeri untuk mengambil bahagian dalam Sukan Malaysia Paralimpiad 2010 Melaka.



Dari rakan di Utara



Tarikh :19 Dec 2009 (Sabtu)

Tempat :SMK Khir Johari,Sungai Petani,Kedah

Masa :8.00pg – 5.30ptg

Format Pertandingan : 6 pusingan

25minit kalawan masa (walk over)

Peraturan Pertandingan : Undang-undang FIDE

Yuran Pernyertaan : Terbuka RM 15.00 B18:- RM 10.00 B12 :- RM 10.00
Tarikh Tutup Pendaftaran : (15/Dec/2009)
Yuran Pendaftaran boleh dibayar pada hari pertandingan.
(terhad kpd 100 perserta terawal sahaja)

Sijil Penyertaan akan diberikan kepada perserta yg mendaftar sebelum 15/Dec/2009 sahaja.Sijil dan medal untuk pemenang .


JUARA : Piala Pusingan+ RM 150 + SET CATUR + 4 Voucher Menara AStar
NAIB JUARA: RM 100 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar +BARANGAN ELEKRIK
KE 3: RM 80 +2 Voucher Menara AStar + BARANGAN ELEKTRIK
KE4 : RM 50.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar.
KE5: RM 40.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE6: RM 30.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE7: RM 30.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE8: RM 20.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE9: RM 20.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE10: RM 20.00 + 2 Voucher Menara AStar
KE11: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE12: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE13: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE14: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE15: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star

HADIAH REMAJA(18 TAHUN KEBAWAH)JUARA : RM 30 +2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
NAIB JUARA: RM 20 + 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE 3: RM 10 + 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE4 : 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE5: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE6: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE7: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE8: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE9: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star
KE10: 1 Voucher Menara Alor Star

TERBAIK BAWAH 12: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
TERBAIK BAWAH 12 PEREMPUAN: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
TERBAIK BAWAH 18 PEREMPUAN: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
TERBAIK IPT: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
TERBAIK GURU: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star
TERBAIK WANITA: 2 Voucher Menara Alor Star

Pendaftaran lewat tambah RM 5.00 (sekirannya terdapat kekosongan)


Syed Iskandar :017-4731678 Email: (

Amrie Ibni Hajar :013-4231793

Nazli Johardy:019-4120130


8.00- 9.30PG - PENDAFTARAN
10.00 – 11.00PG - PUSINGAN PERTAMA
11.00 – 12.00 Tgh hari - PUSINGAN KEDUA
12.00 – 1.00 PTG - PUSINGAN KETIGA
1.00 - 2.00 PTG - REHAT
Sifu ucapkan jom ke Utara dan selmat bercatur.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NZ Trained Prodigy is World Chess Champion

MELBOURNE, Nov 24 (Bernama) - A Melbourne student has become Australia's first world champion face-to-face chess player after winning the world under 12 title in Turkey.

Bobby Cheng, 12, beat a field of 142 players from 68 countries to win the title at the World Age Chess Championship in Antalya on Sunday.

Cheng's coach, Australian grandmaster Darryl Johansen, told the Australian Associated Press he was "over the moon" at the result as Australians were generally regarded as minnows in the chess world.

The chess prodigy, who is in Year 7 at Balwyn High School, faced stiff competition, with 15 of his opponents being previous master titles winners, some of whom had left school to pursue the game full time.

In the final round, Cheng demolished the competition favourite and top seed from India, Suri Vaibhav, and held off challenges from competitors from Poland, Canada and Russia.

Date "2009.11.22"]
[White "Vaibhav, Suri" 2344]
[Black "Cheng, Bobby" 2202]

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. f4 c5 6. c3 Nc6 7. Ndf3 cxd4 8.
cxd4 a5 9. Bd3 a4 10. a3 Nb6 11. Ne2 Na5 12. O-O g6 13. Qc2 Nb3 14. Rb1 Bd7
15. g4 Rc8 16. Nc3 Nc4 17. f5 Nxd4 18. Nxd4 Bc5 19. fxg6 Bxd4+ 20. Kh1 hxg6
21. Bxg6 Nxe5 22. Bh5 Bc6 23. Qe2 Bxc3 24. bxc3 d4+ 25. Kg1 Qd5 26. cxd4 Rxh5
27. gxh5 Nd3 0-1

Sifu sees this NZ trained but lack of funding for players development push him to Melbourne for recognition and achievement, are we not in the same category and sad story for our budding juniors ?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Tarikh : 5 Disember 2009 Sabtu

Tempat : Komplek MAB (persatuan Orang Buta Malaysia)
Jalan Tebing
Brickfields Tepi Sungai,
Berhadapan Stesyen Monorail Tun Sambantan.

Masa : Pendaftaran sabelum 9 pagi
Minuman pagi dan tengahari disediakan

Jom bersama OKU dan menyambut Hari tersebut bersama mereka. Ingat ini percuma dan makanan minuman di sediakan.
Jom butikan yang anda lebeh hebat dari OKU, satu cabaran untuk pemain bawah 12 tahun.

Permainan catur dan congkak untuk OKU terbuka dan jemputan bawah 12 tahun sahaja dengan Percuma.

Daftar dengan Sifu atau isi nama di ruang kommen sahaja.

Mari kita menyerikan Karnival Hari OKU 2009 ini dan lihat kehebatan dengan orang kurang upaya ini yang kaya dengan kejayaan juga.
Hadiah dan sijil untuk pemenang