Thursday, March 31, 2011

World Junior 2011

World Junior 2011 in India. Invitation and regulationsPrint
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 12:24

The All India Chess Federation on behalf of the FIDE and the Tamilnadu State Chess Association is pleased to invite member Federations of FIDE to the World Junior Chess Championship - 2011 to be held in Chennai, India, 1-16 August 2011.


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Chess News Report On CNN -

Chess News Report On CNN -

chess on CNN as positive means to fight crime

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MARAcongs !!

This coming Saturday, 2 April 2011 will see a Reunion of graduates from JO Kampus (Jalan Othman) UiTM, Petaling Jaya.  Its totally for MARAcongs. Yes MARAcongs only.

Why MARAcongs ? What is MARAcongs ? Remember the late 70's of Vietcong spirit fighting the mighty USA in Vietnam.  Thats the spirit that wanted to be installed in undergrads of Maktab MARA or MARA Collage to fight for better future of the Bumiputras.  No we were not gorillas but mere spiritual feelings to be better. 

We identified ourselves as MARAcongs from MARA Collage for the batch of '65 to '69, where orientation of new students to overcome cultural shock and getting to know seniors, not ragging or bullying but mere teasing.

It all started in Facebook between friends namely Jit Pedro aka Azizan, Sifu, Basar , Syed Idrus, Kassim, Taufik as the main ad hoc AJK now expended to include UiTM JO members in seeing a lot of friends having AY in front of their names so the idea of a get together of JO undergraduates not an alumni.

So if  you  are a MARAcongs or your father, mother, grandparents from this era tell them about us or asked them about us, if they heard or know about us then get them to come this Saturday, 2 April 2011 at 3 pm at UiTM Jalan Othman Kampus, Petaling Jaya.

Sifu in difficulty too as Sifu's family will be having an Annual Family Gathering at Port Dickson, but Inshaallah will make the effort to be at JO Kampus.

Potkin Still Leads In Aix-les-Bains

Submitted by SonofPearl on
His pace has slackened, but Vladimir Potkin still leads the European Individual Chess Championships with a score of 6/7.
However, with just four rounds left the chasing pack is now fully 19 players strong and just half a point behind!
Judit Polgar is currently on 5/7 and if anyone was worried that motherhood might have tempered her aggressive style, just check out the games below, especially the last one!
Judit Polgar, widely regarded as the strongest ever women's chess player

The top standings after seven rounds:
1Potkin VladimirRUS26536.0
2Vallejo Pons FranciscoESP27075.5
3Nisipeanu Liviu-DieterROU26735.5
4Volokitin AndreiUKR26775.5
5Ragger MarkusAUT26145.5
6Khismatullin DenisRUS26625.5
7Cheparinov IvanBUL26645.5
8Zhigalko SergeiBLR26805.5
9Feller SebastienFRA26575.5
10Khairullin IldarRUS26345.5
11Iordachescu ViorelMDA26265.5
12Vitiugov NikitaRUS27205.5
13Lupulescu ConstantinROU26265.5
14Parligras Mircea-EmilianROU25985.5
15Moiseenko AlexanderUKR26735.5
16Wojtaszek RadoslawPOL27115.5
17Kobalia MikhailRUS26725.5
18Mamedov RaufAZE26675.5
19Hammer Jon LudvigNOR26065.5
20Korobov AntonUKR26475.5
21Polgar JuditHUN26865.0
22Wirig AnthonyFRA24805.0
23Inarkiev ErnestoRUS26745.0
24Guseinov GadirAZE25845.0
25Smeets JanNED26605.0
26Navara DavidCZE27225.0
27Savchenko BorisRUS26165.0
28Sutovsky EmilISR26925.0
29Naiditsch ArkadijGER26845.0
30Romanov EvgenyRUS26245.0
31Zvjaginsev VadimRUS26635.0
32Nepomniachtchi IanRUS27295.0
33Dreev AlekseyRUS26975.0
34Anisimov PavelRUS25325.0
35Svidler PeterRUS27305.0
36Lenic LukaSLO26235.0
37Fridman DanielGER26615.0
38Ivanisevic IvanSRB26175.0
39Gabrielian ArturRUS25325.0
40Gharamian TigranFRA26505.0
41Safarli EltajAZE26285.0
42L'ami ErwinNED26235.0
43Jobava BaadurGEO27075.0
44Mcshane Luke JENG26835.0
45Jakovenko DmitryRUS27185.0

Judit Polgar picture from the official website.