Saturday, March 5, 2011

Humpy Set for Miracle Finish?

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Just when all seemed hopeless for Humpy Koneru, everything went her way in the penultimate round of the Doha Grand Prix.
Humpy won her game against Lilit Mkrtchian when her opponent blundered, and the leader Elina Danielian lost to Pia Cramling.  As a result, Humpy closed the gap at the top to just half a point and so could still of win the event and earn the right to face world champion Hou Yifan.
If she fails to earn at least a two-way share of first place in the event, then Nana Dzagnidze will be the challenger for the title.
Is Humpy Koneru set for a dramatic winning finish? (picture from the official website)
Humpy Koneru Rd 10.jpg

The standings going into the final round:
Danielian, ElinaARM2454*01011½111.1
Koneru, HumpyIND26071*½½01111½½.7
Sebag, MarieFRA24890½*11½½.11½17
Cramling, PiaSWE25161½0*1½½0½.1½
Dzagnidze, NanaGEO25500100*.1101105
Chiburdanidze, MaiaGEO250200½½.*1011½½5
Mkrtchian, LilitARM2475½0½½00*½.1014
Munguntuul, BatkhuyagMGL241000.101½*00½14
Fierro Baquero, MarthaECU2353000½10.1*0½14
Xu, YuhuaCHN24840½0.00011*1½4
Stefanova, AntoanetaBUL2546.½½00½1½½0*0
Zhu, ChenQAT24950.0½1½000½1*

The final round will be covered LIVE by TV for Platinum and Diamond members.  Commentary by GM Dejan Bojkov starting 10am GMT (2am Pacific/5am Eastern in the US).
The final round draw:
 Zhu Chen2495- Koneru Humpy2607
 Danielian Elina2454- Stefanova Antoaneta2546
 Chiburdanidze Maia2502- Dzagnidze Nana2550
 Munguntuul Batkhuyag2410- Sebag Marie2489
 Xu Yuhua2484- Cramling Pia2516
 Mkrtchian Lilit2475- Fierro Baquero Martha2363

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