Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dato Mah Hassan Hj Omar: Real OKU Hero

Dato Mah Hassan will gun you down
Dato Mah Hassan Qualifying as a FIDE Trainer

Good news to share with all chess and legal friends, the Hero of the Blind and all OKU (PWD) in general, Mah Hassan bin Hj Omar have been given recognition and awarded with DIMP from the Sultan of Pahang  Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) which carries the title ..Dato. 

Dato Mah Hassan bin Hj Omar DIMP   Congrats Dato and all salute to you and Datin Fauziah .

Sifu's good friend way back to the eighties, we have been through the hard time fighting for chess and OKU until chess got it place in Asean Para Games.  

Malaysia have got 10 Gold Medals from the last two Asean Para Games to be proud off and Dato Mah Hassan was one of the gold contributer.  His biggest achievement being winning a Bronze Medal at the First Asian Blind Chess Championship in 1998 in Mumbai, India but his real biggest achievement being called to the Bar and became the First Blind Lawyer in Malaysia. 

Now Dato Mah Hassan is a practicing lawyer and an OKU and white cane activist had played a major role in the PWD Act 2009. PWD being People With Disabilities as known internationally unlike OKU only understood in for many good things to come for you and all OKU in general and Malaysia.

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  1. Well Done, Dato' . You are an inspiration to many others.

    Sifu is already a Datuk right? (with many grandchildren) :)