Monday, March 28, 2011

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Monday, March 28
"I really like this site and highly recommend it to everyone!" - GM Ruslan Ponomariov.
4 new playable eBooks to download now, KID Makagonov, Averbakh, 5 Bd3 & 4 e4 Intro, Old Indian, Classical Sicilian and Richter-Rauzer!!
To see a current list of all the playable ChessBase-style eBooks click here, and to see a list of all the PDF openings eBooks available in each section (updated monthly) instead, click here. To search for a particular opening article use the Search function, above.
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You would be surprised by the amount of chess players that cross-over between playing chess and poker card games.
The two games compliment each other well and challenge your mathematical skills.

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