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These are rules of thumb for guidelines to organise FIDE Rated Tournaments.
1. Minimum of 1 month application to FIDE for it to be accepted and listed on FIDE web site.
2. Submission of organiser with endorsement of Chess Federation and name of Chief Arbiter,
hence a need of at least a 2 weeks minimum endorsement time. (a total of 45 days minimum
3. Chief Arbiter must be qualified FIDE International Arbiter or FIDE Arbiter.
4. Pay a minimum 50 EURO for a tournament of below 2300 rating plus 1 EURO per participant.
5. a. Tournament with 1 player rated 2200+ minimum 120 minutes time control.
b. Tournament with 1 player rated 1600+ minimum 90 minutes time control.
c. Tournament with all players rated below 1600 minimum 60 minutes time control.
6. A maximum of 3 rounds per day or 12 hours only.
7. A league can be carried over a 90 days maximum period.
8. a. In Swiss, all rated players games against rated players are counted.
b. For unrated players, results only counted if played against 3 rated players
c. If unrated and obtained less than 1 point, will not be rated in 1st. tournament.
9. For new players, to be rated if;
a. Based on minimum 9 games played.
b. Based on minimum 9 games played against rated players.
c. Condition of 9 games within 7 rating period pooled to obtain initial rating.
d. A minimum of 7 games if IBCA/Olympiad/Continental/World team events
e. Rated FIDE if above 1400, otherwise be dis listed.
10.A Federation can register at least one national tournament to be accepted for rating and if all
tournaments meets these conditions it could be rated.
11. Have a MCF rating officer competent in statistical probability theory.

Hence all tournaments must be pre-registered at least 3 months ahead, be a 9 swiss rounds with a minimum of 60 minutes time control, pay the registration first then get it listed as a FIDE tournament and to submit the reports within the time specified. Probably MCF could have control with a specific set of rules to follow before endosement and payments to MCF and FIDE.

Guess that answers to all enquiries as MMU Chess Open does not meet the conditions set to be a FIDE rated tournaments but can be National rated!! Refer to Handbook at for further enquiries.


KL Braille Center: A new training center.
Thanks to Stonemaster and MSSKL namely Cik Gu Suhairi and all gurus for being the first users of the Center for chess development and tournaments.
The place still requires another aircon unit and hopefully will be installed by the next event on the 14 February by SM Fadli.
But its a nice cosy setting with free parking and easy excess by RapidKL buses U1 and U5, Metro buses 91 and LRT Taman Melati then hops on the U1 and U5 buses.
Located at the 1st. bus stop and 1st. traffic light from KL to Gombak and the last bus stop and last traffic light along Jalan Gombak to KL facing Diamond Square behind Setapak Polis Station.
Food are easily available and convenient shops just across with safe crossings at traffic lights.
Its a pretty convenient and safe palace for kids to make parents happy.
The palace will gets new furniture, PA System, AV System etc in time soon
The Center is available for booking: email to or call 03 40220046
KL Braille is open for suggestions and comments in order to upgrade the facilities and once the first floor unit is completed another unit on the second floor will be added to allow a usage of 180 participants in chess tournaments.
Watch out Dam Aji lovers you are next in line for a date at the KL Braille Center!
KL Braille wants you to be their friends and to understand the world of the BLIND.
The Center will have an official opening ceremony soon.
2009 meant Braille was created 200 years ago. Happy 200th. Anniversary BRAILLE !!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The latest experience at CNY 2009, it been noticed that chess players have 2 rating lists namely, FIDE and National Rating. To qualify for the NR 1800, players put aside their FIDE rating and play under their NRL.
MCF have to make a review of this NRL, all FIDE rated should not be listed under NRL. Take their names out. Which is more prominent FIDE or NR?
Hence MCF should have 2 lists namely FIDE and NR lists, it been an honour to be on the FIDE list and be proud of it. There is a need of control and not make a mockery of it because it will put organisers in a bad situation as players will want to play under NRL to qualify for the certain tournaments and sometimes choose their FIDE rating to be higher seeded. Which is which?
Am not against them playing but they should pick and choose tournaments that be at their level and have dignity so as to enable others to play in tournaments of that particular rating level.
Or Malaysian chess will never changed secondly list them according to Rapid, Blitz and Classical for they are not have the same ratings.

MMU Melaka Open Chess 2009

MMU Melaka Open Chess Tournament

Date : 28th of February 2009 to 1st of March 2009

Venue : Exam Hall, MMU Melaka Campus

Campus address : Multimedia University (Melaka Campus),

Bukit Beruang, 75400,

Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

Registration fee

Individual Registration : RM 20 per person.*

(Excluding food and accommodation)


1st Place

Trophy + RM 1000


Trophy + RM 600


Trophy + RM 300


Medal + RM 200


Medal + RM 100

Special Awards Best Institution: Trophy Best Ladies: Medal Best Under-18: Medal

Itinerary Saturday- 28th February Sunday – 1st. March




Round 4


Round 1


Round 5


Round 2

1.30- 3.00pm

Round 6


Round 3


Round 7

7.30pm onward

Check-in into hotel

5.30 pm

Closing /Prize

Rules and Regulations

  1. FIDE 7 Round Swiss System.
  2. The maximum of participants 120 players.
  3. A team of 4 players for institution, school or a public group.
  4. Age is taken as of 1st of January 2009.
  5. Each game will have a time control of 45 minutes per side.
  6. A walkover/win to opponent after 30 minutes.
  7. Players that are absent without a valid reason will be removed in the next round.
  8. Players are to record their moves.
  9. The arbiter’s decision is final. However, participants may appeal within 15 minutes of the subjected game. A fee of RM 50 will be charged. This fee will not be returned if the appeal fails. An appeal committee will be formed.
  10. The organizing committee reserves the right to make amendments or any changes to the rules and regulation if the need arises.
  11. To register, send an email to and cc it to . State your name, identity card no, contact number, and institution (or group name). FIDE rating / National Rating be stated..
  12. Payment latest by 12pm on the 28th of February 2009. Late registration pay a penalty of RM 5.
  13. Payment can be made to Ms Lee Pei Swan through Maybank Account Number 104068129647
  14. Accommodation can be arranged for at hotels.
  15. Arrangements for transportation from Melaka Sentral Bus terminal. State your time of arrival.

Enquiries: Ngow Lean Jee 017 - 3997450 Yong Gwo-Liang 016 - 2086504

MMU Melaka Open Chess Tournament

Personal Detail

NAME : ________________________________________________________

RATING : ______________________

ICNEW : ______________________ SEX : F/M

ADDRESS : _________________________________________________________

SCHOOL/IPTA/IPTS :________________________

TELEPHONE (HP) ___________________ E-MAIL___________________

Letter of Agreement

I am _________________I.C. Number _______________ would like to participate the MMU Melaka Open Chess Tournament 2009. I agree that all the information stated above is true. I hereby attached the registration fee (RM 20) to the organizing committee.

Signature __________________ Date ________________

For office used only.

Date of submission:____________________

Participating number: __________________

Accepted by: _________________________


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya akan mengadakan buat kali kedua Karnival Sukan OKU di mana CATUR merupakan satu dari acara yang di senarai.

Tarikh : 18 dan 19 April 2009
Tempat : Komplek Sukan Kelana Jaya MBPJ
Pengakutan bas di sediakan di Komplek MAB Brickfields jam 7.30 pagi

Kejohanan : Perseorangan dan Tiga Berpasukan Terbuka OKU
Swiss 6 Pusingan 60 minit kawalan masa

Pendaftaran di MBPJ atau di



1. Wajib masuk Kejohanan Catur Hari Wilayah DBKL 2009
Pada 1 Febuari 2009 di Taman Tasik Titiwansga, KL
Pendaftaran 8.00 pagi untuk semua OKU terutama cacat penglihatan dan cacat anggota format
Korat 2008.

2. Jurulatih Paralimpik yamg dilantik Rizal Ahmad Kamal, Mohd. Kamal Abdullah Surin, Hashim Jusuh, Abdul Haq Mohamad, Asmah Hambadley, Roslina Marmono serta Abdul Latiff Mohamad akan berada untuk menilai dan memilih pemain selain dari pemenang untuk ke peringkat kedua pemilihan

3. Beberapa siri latihan dan pemilihan akan di adakan dari masa ke masa sehingga pemilihan akhir pada Mei 2009.

4. Pemilihan bukan sekadar menjadi juara tetapi mempunyai nilai tinggi serta berhemah dan berdisplin serta sunggup berlatih untuk mengejar 4 emas Paragames sebagai sasaran pada 2009 ini.

5. Kalau anda OKU yang boleh menjadi atlet yang di cari ini atau mengenali OKU lain harap diberiyahu mengenai kejohanan ini.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

OKU Chess Calender

1. Hari Wilayah Terbuka 2009 Taman Tasik Titiwangsa KL 31 Januari Sabtu
2. Hari Wilayah Terbuka OKU 2009 Taman Tasik Titiwangsa KL 1 Febuari Ahad
+Seremban Open 21 Febuary
+MMU Open Malacca 28 Febuary and 1 March
3. KL Rapid Open/OKU Pusat KL Braille Setapak KL 9 Mach Isnin
4. ASEAN Braille Invitation JKM Sentul 30 April - 2 Mei
5. ASEAN Open Blindfold JKM Sentul 2 - 3 Mei
6. KL Rapid Open/OKU Pusat KL Braille Setapak KL 9 Mei
8. KL Rapid Open/OKU Pusat KL Braille Setapak KL 9 Ogos
9. Merdeka OKU (26 - 27 September)
10. Putrajaya Closed Rapid Putrajaya 29 Ogos
11. SBM Blind Team KBS Kg Pandan 7 - 8 November
12. KL OPEN 2009 KLCA 14 - 20 Disember
13. Shah Alam Open MBSA 25 -27 Disember

The OKU Chess

PART 1: The OKU Chess

Hai its not been roses to be a blogger but try I will. My challenge in the last 10 years was to put CHESS in its proper perspective especially for Blind and all the others OKUs.

Thanks. Chess is in category B with Majlis Sukan Negara Cawangan Paralimpik thats for getting TWO GOLDs and TWO SILVERs in the last Paragames at Korat 2008, Thailand.

Thanks to Nur Fique, Moira, Norain and Mui Lan especially Nur Fique the Double Gold Girl wonder from Kolej Sultan Abu Bakar johore Bharu.

Thanks to the men who contributed TWO SILVERs the Visually impaired:Mah Hassan, Choo Min Wang, Mahadir and Shaharudin Idris. while the physical impaired : Chua Heng Meng, Ho Hea King, Hasidin dan Kelana.

But the team that contributed to success being the Cawangan Paralimpik Boss en. Shafulsahar and the coaches and Manager namely Dato Aminah Din, Chief Abdul Latiff, coaches Hashim Jusuh, Asmah Hambadley, Shamsuddin Isa and SM Fadli Zakaria.

With great contribution along the way namely Gregory Lau, Daratul Ain, Khairulnisa, Haslindah, Rizal Ahmad Kamal and many more chess friends who I been indebted to.

Malaysia's success began way back in 1991 at Mumbai, India when we missed the first Blind FM, when Mah Hassan managed only Bronze in the Asian Blind IBCA Championship.. We could have got the gold and the FM title if not for the blunder of the arbiter who asked the game to go on even though the opponent from Iran had only made 38 moves in the 40 moves time controlled when his time was over whereas Mah Hassan still got 11 mins on his clock.
The arbiter never care to check or count the moves because there was only braille recording and he could not read Braille. But that was history and the Malaysia Team also managed to get the Bronze Team award.

The team consisted of Mah Hassan Omar, Idris Mat Saman, Mahadir Mohamad, Fazimi Tajul and Mohd Fikeri led by Abdul; Latiff as manager , coach and guide. To be cont.

A New face but just a chess veteran

Kejohanan Catur Hari Wilayah KL 2009

1. Kejohanan Catur Terbuka Hari Wilayah KL 2009

31 Januari 2009

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa KL
Oleh DBKL and KL Braille
Khas untuk bawah NR 1600
Daftar 03 40220046 RM25(Makan TH)

Bayar CIMB 14190000022101


Pendaftaran 8 pagi
6 Pusingan Swiss 20 minit
Pusingan 1 9.00 pagi

Terhad untuk 60 peserta sahaja.

2. Kejohanan Catur Hari Wilayah OKU 2009
Kategori Cacat Penglihatan dan Cacat Anggota

1 Febuari 2009

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Oleh DBKL dan KL Braille

Daftar 03 40220046 RM10.00
CIMB 14190000022101

Pendaftaran 8.00 pagi
5 Pusingan Swiss 45 Minit