Thursday, January 15, 2009

The OKU Chess

PART 1: The OKU Chess

Hai its not been roses to be a blogger but try I will. My challenge in the last 10 years was to put CHESS in its proper perspective especially for Blind and all the others OKUs.

Thanks. Chess is in category B with Majlis Sukan Negara Cawangan Paralimpik thats for getting TWO GOLDs and TWO SILVERs in the last Paragames at Korat 2008, Thailand.

Thanks to Nur Fique, Moira, Norain and Mui Lan especially Nur Fique the Double Gold Girl wonder from Kolej Sultan Abu Bakar johore Bharu.

Thanks to the men who contributed TWO SILVERs the Visually impaired:Mah Hassan, Choo Min Wang, Mahadir and Shaharudin Idris. while the physical impaired : Chua Heng Meng, Ho Hea King, Hasidin dan Kelana.

But the team that contributed to success being the Cawangan Paralimpik Boss en. Shafulsahar and the coaches and Manager namely Dato Aminah Din, Chief Abdul Latiff, coaches Hashim Jusuh, Asmah Hambadley, Shamsuddin Isa and SM Fadli Zakaria.

With great contribution along the way namely Gregory Lau, Daratul Ain, Khairulnisa, Haslindah, Rizal Ahmad Kamal and many more chess friends who I been indebted to.

Malaysia's success began way back in 1991 at Mumbai, India when we missed the first Blind FM, when Mah Hassan managed only Bronze in the Asian Blind IBCA Championship.. We could have got the gold and the FM title if not for the blunder of the arbiter who asked the game to go on even though the opponent from Iran had only made 38 moves in the 40 moves time controlled when his time was over whereas Mah Hassan still got 11 mins on his clock.
The arbiter never care to check or count the moves because there was only braille recording and he could not read Braille. But that was history and the Malaysia Team also managed to get the Bronze Team award.

The team consisted of Mah Hassan Omar, Idris Mat Saman, Mahadir Mohamad, Fazimi Tajul and Mohd Fikeri led by Abdul; Latiff as manager , coach and guide. To be cont.

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