Thursday, January 29, 2009


These are rules of thumb for guidelines to organise FIDE Rated Tournaments.
1. Minimum of 1 month application to FIDE for it to be accepted and listed on FIDE web site.
2. Submission of organiser with endorsement of Chess Federation and name of Chief Arbiter,
hence a need of at least a 2 weeks minimum endorsement time. (a total of 45 days minimum
3. Chief Arbiter must be qualified FIDE International Arbiter or FIDE Arbiter.
4. Pay a minimum 50 EURO for a tournament of below 2300 rating plus 1 EURO per participant.
5. a. Tournament with 1 player rated 2200+ minimum 120 minutes time control.
b. Tournament with 1 player rated 1600+ minimum 90 minutes time control.
c. Tournament with all players rated below 1600 minimum 60 minutes time control.
6. A maximum of 3 rounds per day or 12 hours only.
7. A league can be carried over a 90 days maximum period.
8. a. In Swiss, all rated players games against rated players are counted.
b. For unrated players, results only counted if played against 3 rated players
c. If unrated and obtained less than 1 point, will not be rated in 1st. tournament.
9. For new players, to be rated if;
a. Based on minimum 9 games played.
b. Based on minimum 9 games played against rated players.
c. Condition of 9 games within 7 rating period pooled to obtain initial rating.
d. A minimum of 7 games if IBCA/Olympiad/Continental/World team events
e. Rated FIDE if above 1400, otherwise be dis listed.
10.A Federation can register at least one national tournament to be accepted for rating and if all
tournaments meets these conditions it could be rated.
11. Have a MCF rating officer competent in statistical probability theory.

Hence all tournaments must be pre-registered at least 3 months ahead, be a 9 swiss rounds with a minimum of 60 minutes time control, pay the registration first then get it listed as a FIDE tournament and to submit the reports within the time specified. Probably MCF could have control with a specific set of rules to follow before endosement and payments to MCF and FIDE.

Guess that answers to all enquiries as MMU Chess Open does not meet the conditions set to be a FIDE rated tournaments but can be National rated!! Refer to Handbook at for further enquiries.

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