Thursday, January 29, 2009


KL Braille Center: A new training center.
Thanks to Stonemaster and MSSKL namely Cik Gu Suhairi and all gurus for being the first users of the Center for chess development and tournaments.
The place still requires another aircon unit and hopefully will be installed by the next event on the 14 February by SM Fadli.
But its a nice cosy setting with free parking and easy excess by RapidKL buses U1 and U5, Metro buses 91 and LRT Taman Melati then hops on the U1 and U5 buses.
Located at the 1st. bus stop and 1st. traffic light from KL to Gombak and the last bus stop and last traffic light along Jalan Gombak to KL facing Diamond Square behind Setapak Polis Station.
Food are easily available and convenient shops just across with safe crossings at traffic lights.
Its a pretty convenient and safe palace for kids to make parents happy.
The palace will gets new furniture, PA System, AV System etc in time soon
The Center is available for booking: email to or call 03 40220046
KL Braille is open for suggestions and comments in order to upgrade the facilities and once the first floor unit is completed another unit on the second floor will be added to allow a usage of 180 participants in chess tournaments.
Watch out Dam Aji lovers you are next in line for a date at the KL Braille Center!
KL Braille wants you to be their friends and to understand the world of the BLIND.
The Center will have an official opening ceremony soon.
2009 meant Braille was created 200 years ago. Happy 200th. Anniversary BRAILLE !!

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