Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The latest experience at CNY 2009, it been noticed that chess players have 2 rating lists namely, FIDE and National Rating. To qualify for the NR 1800, players put aside their FIDE rating and play under their NRL.
MCF have to make a review of this NRL, all FIDE rated should not be listed under NRL. Take their names out. Which is more prominent FIDE or NR?
Hence MCF should have 2 lists namely FIDE and NR lists, it been an honour to be on the FIDE list and be proud of it. There is a need of control and not make a mockery of it because it will put organisers in a bad situation as players will want to play under NRL to qualify for the certain tournaments and sometimes choose their FIDE rating to be higher seeded. Which is which?
Am not against them playing but they should pick and choose tournaments that be at their level and have dignity so as to enable others to play in tournaments of that particular rating level.
Or Malaysian chess will never changed secondly list them according to Rapid, Blitz and Classical for they are not have the same ratings.

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  1. Agree.... and also organiser should based on the IC number instead of name as the spelling can be manipulated.... :)