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ELECT Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for FIDE President

“Order Versus Chaos”: Revealing Article in Rossiskaya Gazeta

The Russian Federation supports only Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s Ticket as do 93 other National Federations.

Karpov and his team continue to wreak havoc on the global chess community. They seem to revel in the destruction of the chess community when it benefits them, which goes to show how much Karpov’s Team really cares about chess and those who have dedicated their lives to support this wonderful sport.
  • How can they seem so overjoyed when another member of the Global Chess Community faces challenges just because that member supports our team?
  • How can they continue to lie and say that the Russian Chess Federation supports them?
  • How can they disrespect the National Federations that support us by trying to find other means of support from that country to overshadow and undermine that National Federation’s supports for us?

These are serious questions….ones whose answers paint a sad picture of the level to which Karpov’s team is willing to stoop.

If Anatoly Karpov is still having illusory hopes regarding the support of his candidature in Russia, it would be useful for him to get acquainted with the article published in the official Russian Government Newspaper“Rossiskaya Gazeta”.


Will the two “K”s be able to break the chess world on the eve of the FIDE Presidential Elections?

The FIDE Presidential Elections will be held during the 39th World Chess Olympiad which started in Khanty-Mansiysk on September 20, 2010.
Let us remind you that there are two candidates for the post of the “Chess King” – the current President of the World Chess Federation, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the 12th World Chess Champion, Anatoly Karpov.
The candidature of Ilyumzhinov is supported by the Russian Chess Federation, and the National Chess Federations of France and Germany support the candidature of Kasparov. (Interesting point – even for a professional journalist it seems unclear who is really running for the FIDE President’s post, Karpov or Kasparov-  remark from
The Presidential Campaign is increasingly capturing the attention of the front page news.  Unfortunately Dvorkovich’s efforts  to avoid scandals in the great game of chess were useless.
The headquarters of Anatoly Karpov, who is supported by almost 20 countries (the current FIDE President is supported by almost 100 National Federations) from approximately 164 voting countries, is still resorting to terrible accusations as well as direct threats to their opponent (Kirsan Ilyumzhinov).
It is clear that with such a huge difference in the amount of supporters each candidate has,  the outcome of the elections is obvious.
However, Karpov (or Kasparov, who is really managing the pre-election campaign) is using a different strategy.
The day before the most well-known Chess Benefactor, Alain Khoueiry, who is from Lebanon and one of the organizers of the upcoming Grand Prix in Beirut, declared that the members of the 12th World Chess Champion’s team were trying to put pressure on him.
“I received a phone call from a woman, who introduced herself as the member of Anatoly Karpov’s headquarters”, said Alan Khoueiry , – “She proposed to me to become a part of their team. She was insisting on the fact that the current FIDE President does not have any chances to win these elections. She was promising me the moon. Obviously, I refused to discuss her proposal.”  In return she said ” Think it over, otherwise you will lose everything”.
“After this, I received a letter in Arabic addressed to me where besides other things another lie was stated – that Karpov is going to run for Russia.”
We want to underline that this false information is published on the pre-election site of Karpov.
By the way, there is another lie on Karpov’s website, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is openly supporting Karpov-Kasparov’s team!  It looks even more ironic, given the efforts of the American sponsors to support a “true democrat”, Kasparov.
One cannot cheat the chess world: The chess world is aware and remembers very well Gary Kasparov’s reputation  -
  • the destructive power his projects had on all organizations he had anything to do with,
  • the World Grandmaster Association followed by the break-up with its sponsor,
  • the match against Deep Blue followed by a scandal with the corporation that created it,
  • leaving FIDE,
  • the organization of alternative championships that broke the chess world and created damage that has lasted more than 20 years.
And now when the chess world has finally gained some peace and unity, the tandem of these two chess players, who with the help of another PR project, are confusing and destroying the chess world that was united by Ilyumzhinov.
This tandem is applying the same tactics everywhere. For example, they managed to arrange pressure of the government on the National Chess Federation of Argentina. The situation was even worse in Peru – that Chess Federation’s President was removed from his post. The same threats were received by the Presidents of the National Federations of Bolivia, Singapore and Zambia.
Needless to say, that in any other sport such flagrant infringement on a Sports Federation faces long suspensions.
Alas, it seems that for the headquarters of this presidential candidate, these “little things” do not matter.
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