Sunday, September 19, 2010

Karpov: “I Will Eliminate All Federation Fees to FIDE!”

September 11, 2010
In his strongest statement yet on making FIDE serve the federations and global chess development, Anatoly Karpov announced he will phase out all federation fees paid to FIDE in his first term as president. Karpov had previously said he supported eliminating fees for developing federations, and now sees that the only correct way forward to transform FIDE is to eliminate all such fees.
“FIDE must be repurposed to serve the federations and major steps must be taken to do this quickly. One of the most important is to eliminate the fees federations pay to FIDE. It is clear from this campaign that there is enough sponsorship potential under professional leadership that FIDE will soon not have to depend on bleeding the federations. In my first term of office I will phase out all these fees as quickly as possible.Even many struggling federations that receive aid from FIDE actually pay more in fees than they receive in aid! What is the point of that?
As Nicolas Barrera, the president of the Argentine Federation, said when he announced his support for me, that federation money should go into developing and promoting chess on a local and regional level. And FIDE should be using its global reach and authority to generate revenue that can aid the federations in these tasks.”
Disclaimer: Sifu supports Kirsan but a good cause is always good but where is FIDE to find money to fund its activities and then from now on or later will find it difficult to get member countries to pay fees due. A good campaign gimic but.... Wow this must the the very reason of Malaysia ,among 23 countries pledging for Karpov but others are afraid to come forward  of what........ but Malaysia could create history of getting a first if its candidate wins.

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