Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chess Olympiad 2010 in Khanty Mansiysk

The biggest team chess event of the year

Chess Olympiad 2010 reports
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The Chess Olympiad 2010 in Khanty Mansiysk September 19 - October 4. It is the 39th editon of the Olympiad, coming after Dresden Chess Olympiad 2008 and preceeding the Chess Olympiad 2012 in Turkey.
As confirmed by the organizers and Alexander Filipenko, the preparation for the Olympiad is on schedule. Despite the negative effects of the financial crisis, the organizers are working closely with the federal center and autonomous district to provide good conditions and assure that the Olympiad is held at the highest level.
Khanty Mansiysk passed successfully the major test for the Olympiad, and organized successfully the World Cup
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The massive event of the Chess Olympiad looks like this at the start of round 1


More than 150 men and 119 women teams have registered for the Olympiad. A total of 1380 players will compete in the two sections. The statistics show that more than 772 titled players will be present, out of them 247 GMs, 63 WGMs, 160 IMs, 87 WIMs, 81 FMs, and 80 WFMs.
Full list of participants here

The story of the 2010 Chess Olympiad

There were six bidders to host the 2010 Chess Olympiad. Among them were Poznan (bidding for August 2010 in Poland), Riga (14 to 30 May in Latvia), Tallinn (September in Estonia), Budva (October in Serbia and Montenegro), Buenos Aires (November in Argentina), and Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Region-Yugra (September 2010).
The final decision was made at the FIDE general assembly in Turin. Khanty Mansiysk emerged as favourite in the FIDE voting where representatives of 135 countries gathered to decide the host nation for 2010 Olympiad, the biggest team championship in the world.
Here is how the voting proceeded:
Round 1: Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS) – 45 votes, Buenos Aires (ARG) – 39 votes, Budva (SCG) – 36 votes, Riga (LAT) - 13 votes, Poznan (POL) – 12 votes.
Round 2: Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS) – 53 votes, Buenos Aires (ARG ) – 38 votes, Budva (SCG) – 46 votes.
Round 3: Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS) – 71 votes, Budva (SCG) – 64 votes.
Russia has organized the Chess Olympiad three times so far: 1956 (Soviet Union), 1994 and 1998.

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