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Main Module: Strategy & Tactics
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Extra Module: Openings
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International Chess School  (ICS)

How good can you become at chess in 1 year?
As a result of the high demand for QUALITY, the International Chess School was founded in May 2007 with the clear objective to turn its students into strong chess players in 1 year of study.
The head of our teachers' team is Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, one of the strongest players in the World, with an ELO rating of 2631. Moreover, Andrei is one of the coaches that train the French national team, one of the best selected teams in the world.
All ICS team members are world-class players as well as accomplished professional teachers, with a great teaching experience and with important contributions to theoretical publications as NewInChess, ChessBase, Informant, Gambit, Correspondence Chess News, ChessArea and many others.
There is no restriction in becoming our student
  • The School is accessible through Internet, so you can be our student, anywhere in the World you may be.
  • The 1-year program is designed for students who assign 6-10 hours a week (or more) for chess studying. However, you can study at your own pace, so it doesn't matter how much time you have.
  • Our course is addressed to advanced players in order to help them become strong masters (2300 rating). However, our method of study and explanations are excellent for beginners too as, fortunately, they will learn chess the right way from the start.

Plan of Study and Improvement

Many chess fans have lost or they are still losing many years without making any sensible progress even if they studied many books or even hired personal teachers. This leads them to feel stuck somewhere below or around 2000 rating and therefore the initial joy for the game can turn into nothing but grief.
ICS follows a structured program of study and improvement with the clear goal that in 1 year our students get all the information a strong chess master should have.
Check the ICS 1-year Program for Strategy »
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Even more important is to "indoctrinate" the student with a correct chess-thinking and with the ways of applying the cumulated knowledge in their chess game. So, our school combines the methods of the old but great schools of chess (see Botvinnik's school) with the new methods that gave the very young grandmasters of our days.
Moreover, our program of study manages the students' time spent for chess so well that they save hundreds of hours and, therefore, they will surely improve much sooner.

Complete Chess Training

Our 1-year program provides a complete chess training, including strategy, tactics, endgames and also it presents the legacy of the world chess champions.  First of all, our lessons are focused on teaching the student how to think like a strong player and...
Here you LEARN chess. Must know:
  • This is the ONLY Professional and Structured course for 1 year.
  • Here you learn to think and analyze a position... like a strong player.
  • Modern course that promotes Real Study like in russian chess schools.
  • We do not sell "thousands" or junk-info. We sell ONLY high quality lessons.
Andrei Istratescu Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, 2631 ELO
Member of ICS staff
more about Andrei »
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