Friday, September 17, 2010

New target Alain Khoueiry,

Alain Khoueiry: “Karpov’s Representatives Are Trying to Put Pressure On Me.”

A well-known Lebanese businessman and benefactor Alain Khoueiry, who in particular, became a sponsor of the Lebanese Chess Federation’s premises construction and is one of the organizers of the forthcoming Grand-Prix in Beirut, has stated that Anatoly Karpov’s team is trying to put pressure on him.

Khoueiry said: “ A Beatrice Bord who introduced herself as a member of Anatoly Karpov’s headquarters, offered me to become a member of the team of my friend Kirsan’s opponent”.

She was trying to persuade me: “We know that you are a serious benefactor. And we want to warn you, that you might lose your money which you are now investing in chess”. “She was insisting that Kirsan had no chances to win the elections and continue his work as President. She was promising me the moon.”

It goes without saying that I refused to discuss her proposal. In my opinion it is just silly – to make efforts to “anti-recruit” a person who knows Kirsan for many years and respects him also as a bright politician who promotes popularization and development of chess.

To this she replied: “Think, otherwise you lose everything”.  Besides, there is a letter addressed to me, in Arabic where besides other things, another lie was stated – that Karpov is going to run from Russia”.

It is a great pity that the team of the 12th World Champion is turning a democratic election into a mixture of farce and a detective story.  – Mr. Khoueiry said at the end. – “I would like all the world to learn about the methods and tactics of lies which this team is using to promote their candidate”.

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