Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye..Sayonara to Malaysian Chess

Yesterday after being the Father of Chess in Malaysia also the Chess Grand Sifu since the early 70's, and the chess Taikong, Dato Tan Chin Nam call it a day at a farewell speech and dinner. No more enough is enough its sayonara, selamat tinggal...
But Dato, chess is you, chess is your blood that runs deep...the Stakes have been high and it was endless tournaments and sponcerships for the sake of chess.
Taking from your stable, It was Think Big that was Saintly Viewed with Faint Perfume an the Wonderful World by the Taikun, Dato you are and will be all time Malaysian Chess Greats.
Why now but its better now while at the peak but guess it all got to do with the stakes of FIDE Presidential Candidates..nasi sudah jadi bubur sudah terlajak inilah padah nya..but life have to go on chess have to find new generous sponsers like Dato Tan. The stakes at FIDE will come and go but Malaysia will have to put a right stand eventually or be a lone ranger from this Zone.
Malaysia have to move forward and have development programs not just tournaments but basically its a call for new breed and leadership so most at the present helm have to say goodbye too before being checkmated in the next AGM....

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