Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Hari Raya Eid ai-Fitr Day 1 Shawal 1431

Today was a beautiful and busy day for Sifu on the 1st Shawal 1431 to celebrate Eid Day, the end of fasting during the month of Ramadan.  With the family, we started with morning Eid prayers at Kg Klang Gate Mosque and later food with the family before to moving to my mum's place in Datuk Keramat.
More rendang, ketupat nasi with the whole Aminah Gossip Clan then to Friday prayers at Datuk Keramat Mosque.A  reminder of being humble and to be down to earth as a man.
Sifu still mindful that Kirsan will eventually got more than enough votes to put out all the bad lies and publicity  but Sifu main concern is shutting all the bad public for a beautiful blogging for One World Support and BEST WISHES FOR EID DAY.

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