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2014 Olympiad in TROMSO

Tromsø wins Olympiad 2014 bid

Facts about Tromsø and Lyngen

Photo: Paul Weaver

Welcome to Tromsø and Lyngen!

At a latitude of nearly 70 degrees north, four days’ sailing from Bergen and barely a two-hour flight from Oslo, Murmansk or Longyearbyen, at the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia, between the island landscape, fiords and mountain peaks, you find Tromsø – Gateway to the Arctic and capital
of Northern Norway. As far back as a century ago, visitors were surprised to find culture, intellectual life and the current fashions so far north, and the city derived the name Paris of the North. That reputation lives on today visitors to Tromsø are charmed by the city’s patriotic, loud and obliging residents, by a historical, compact and characteristic city centre, by a live and active cultural life all year round, by the Northern Lights, Polar Nights, Midnight Sun, by the exciting attractions, good possibilities for excursions and widely varying weather.
The experience will be complete as soon as you leave the city and visit the 1800m high Lyngen
Alps to the east, go on a voyage of discovery out towards the Atlantic Ocean, experience fertile agricultural villages beneath steep mountains and learn more about Norwegian and Saami culture and that of the residents of Finnish origin.

Key Facts

Tromsø is the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle and is home to the
world’s northernmost university, brewery and cathedral. The city lives on education, research, administration, fishing exports and satellite technology. The centre of the north has 64492 residents and the Municipality of Tromsø covers an area of 2558 km². Around 50,000 live in the centre of Tromsø, while the remainder is scattered throughout the whole municipality.

About Tromsø's attractions

Photo: Bård Løken
Tromsø centre is the largest wooden city north of Trondheim, and has a rich architectural inheritance in the Imperial style of the 1800s, richly interspersed with both beautiful and not so nice buildings from later periods. The Arctic Cathedral, built in 1965, is the city’s most recognisable feature. This distinctive structure was inspired by Northern Norwegian faith and nature. One of its features is a flaming and extremely original glass mosaic.
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