Friday, October 29, 2010

MCF LOST USD$100,000

Did not realise my blogging about MCF have annoyed certain quarters so let Sifu says this loud and clear to accept these blunderers who were checkmated and lost all their FIDE Championship to quit all their posts now and not wait for MCF elections.
Or they will be checkmated again in their opening moves, will not be allowed into their middle games for sure unless they can compensated MCF for the next 4 (four) years till the next FIDE elections deposited into MCF accounts USD100,000 per year for a total of USD400.000 for tournaments and chess developments in Malaysia.
Unless and until these money are  deposited all those who back Karpov and gave Malaysian nomination and vote should stay out of MCF totally for next 4 tears. 
That's the money promised by Kirsan if we back him but MCF being arrogant and naive do not want to accept the money but accepted the little gifts in form of scholarship for the juniors. Seamed blur or bad backers on the wrong horse.  On one hand says no but under the table accept the little gifts. Chronic weird !!
What about Karpov promises ? Fat deal as he lost so MCF got nothing. Double losers for sure.  MCF must be ulter rich but sending players to carry the Malaysian flags have to pay through their own Mfb  (mothers fathers bank) pocket.

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