Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bandung Games 2010 (Games)

2)    Bandung Games 2010 (Games)
This is the main event and the highlight of the BG 2010. This is when the Malaysian students are to gather, from various disciplines, universities and districts, in the city of Bandung, Indonesia through activities of social and various competitive sporting events. (Hope chess is included)
Games Date        :    8th, 9th & 10th October 2010
Location        :    Bandung
Venue            :    Perkampungan Bandung Games 2010
Politeknik Pos Indonesia Bandung 40151
Jl. Sariasih 54 Bandung
Phone: 022-2009562
Facsimile: 022-2009570
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
website: http//

Supporting Venue:
Sarana Olahraga ITB
Jl. Tamansari No 73 Bandung 40132
Phone: 022-2511540
Facsimile: 022-211541

Itinerary        :    TBD
Participants         :    Malaysian students from all the districts of Indonesia
Indonesian students (Invited)
Events        :    TBD
Program Titian Muhibbah Print E-mail

Program Titian Muhibbah Malaysia-Indonesia, Pengenalan kepada Bandung Games
The categories of events will be wide ranging. Booths for sell Malaysian food and products. Sporting meets. Games that are categorize as “sukan rakyat” and open for all. There will also be open games events where Indonesian students will be invited to participate.
The choice of Location for Event (Games) was made after taking into consideration that the district of Bandung has the largest Malaysian students who are studying in Indonesia. The second largest is the district of Medan.
In addition, Bandung is a popular destination as business or leisure and it is also a destination of good economic value. Hence, the logistic is strategic as Bandung also has the necessary infrastructure to organize the Event (Games).

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