Friday, October 29, 2010

Ignatius Leong, General Secretary of FIDE
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 14:13
fide_logo_bigIgnatius Leong, General Secretary of FIDE, gave an extensive interview during the World Youth Chess Championships. Ignatius Leong spoke about the development of chess around the World, the role of youth chess and chess in schools, the 16th Asian games, and analyzed the record breaking WYCC in Porto Carras.

Click here to watch the full interview with Ignatius Leong
Read the exclusive interview of Ignatius Leong on , who Sifu believe will still be a good friend of Malaysia if not MCF, despite being run down by a Malaysian opponent at the last FIDE elections.
That black episode being uncalled for and unprofessional, Sifu believe should not be a stumbling block of handing out a friendship with the FIDE General Secretary and FIDE and Sifu will offer the hand even if MCF did not ask Sifu to do it but Sifu does it in the name of Malaysia in general.  We are after all a good well dignified people and we need FIDE in all our undertaking in the future.

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