Check this! Giant chess board unveiled in Trafalgar Square becomes queen of London Design Festival 

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:34 AM on 21st September 2009

A giant chess set was unveiled today in central London sparking interest from would-be grand masters and tourists.

The 32-piece set, featuring two-meter high ceramic pieces on a glass chess board, was installed this morning in Trafalgar Square.

Created by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, the chess board, named The Tournament, forms the centerpiece of this year's London Design Festival and was partly inspired by Admiral Nelson's Battle of Trafalgar.

Chess set
Check this: A giant chess set created by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon at central London's Trafalgar Square is the main attraction of this year's London Design Festival
Mounted on casters, many of the pieces are intended to reflect London's buildings, spires and domes.

From tomorrow until next Wednesday, members of the public will be able to play tactical games on the board watched by passers-by.
Jaime said: 'I've lived in London for over three years during which time I have been able to discover the city, its history and heritage.

'I really like the idea that Londoners and other visitors can come to Trafalgar Square - such a central focus of London - to wander around my installation and perhaps even take part in a game of chess.'

Players can sit on specially constructed 'thrones' overlooking the chess board and can direct the movement of the pieces while handlers on a glass mosaic board move the pieces around.

The winner of the competition overseen by the English Chess Federation will be in line for a new pair of Camper shoes.

The London Design Festival was at different venues across the capital.

Giant chess board
Check mate: Anish Ramakrishnan, 9, attempts to move pieces on a giant Chess set which consists of 32 two- meter high ceramic pieces on a mosaic glass chess board