Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AA ITM Reunion of MaraCongs Pioneers

The Original AA MaraCongs

Host Dato Abd Shukur

The Art & Design Pioneers

A beautiful setting hosted by Dato Abdul Shukur Mohamad a.k.a. Fuad, organised by Prof Basar Juraimi and attended by MaraCongs AA Pioneers ITM Petaling Garden of 1967 batch with senior lecturers Wan Malik, Kamal Din, Aloyah Hashim and Ezrin Arbi.
How we missed if all the 60 odd batch could turned up but many did with Siti Hajar, Siti Zurinah, Fatimah Chik, Sulaiman Othman, Faridah Hassan, Ismail Hashim, Basar, Harun, Shukur, Manap, Ahmad Norizan, Zul Gusti, Nasir, Zainal aka Haji, Ariff Ghani, Wan Fatimah, Hasiah Ahmad, mariah Othman and truly sifu.

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