Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Corus Chess 2010 Games

Carlsen won the Corus Chess 2010
Magnus Carlsen, the world's highest rated player, won the 10,000-euro first prize in the 72nd annual Corus Chess Tournament
. Kramnik and Shirov share 2nd-3rd spot. In the Group B Anish Giri grabbed the title ahead of top seed Naiditsch.
Carlsen's FIDE ranking in the next list will most likely be the second highest in history.  Report with games and pictures.

The 72nd Corus Chess tournament is held from 15 January - 31 January 2010 in Wijk aan Zee.

Corus Chess 2010 : Games (Klik ti see games)
Corus Chess 2010 : final standings
1. M. Carlsen
2. V. Kramnik
A. Shirov
4. H. Nakamura
V. Anand
6. S. Karjakin
V. Ivanchuk
8. L. Dominguez
P. Leko
10. F. Caruana
11. L. van Wely
N. Short
13. S. Tiviakov
J. Smeets
Corus Chess 2010 : Pictures
Magnus Carlsen continued his excellent show

Great view of the tournament hall

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