Monday, November 15, 2010

Stop this stupid bullying

Seniors found guilty of 'ragging death'

A court in India's Himachal Pradesh state has found four men guilty in the death of a student following an alleged university "ragging" incident.
Ragging is a form of physical abuse often meted out to college newcomers.
Aman Satya Kachroo, 19, died last March after being subjected to ragging by four seniors at a college in Kangra.
Under Indian laws ragging is banned in educational institutions and the Supreme Court has made heads accountable for any instances.
Sentencing is expected soon.
The four seniors have been found guilty of "culpable homicide not amounting to murder" and legal experts say the maximum sentence for the offence is up to 10 years.
Mr Kachroo, a first year student at the state-government owned Dr Rajendra Prasad Medical College, had complained to college authorities that he had been slapped and hit repeatedly by seniors.
The post-mortem examination had confirmed death was caused by head injuries.BBC News
Why and when will these students ever learn or make to understand that bullying in form of ragging especially physical forms are wrong humanly, criminally and religiously...
punishment now seem too late too little..for an innocent life lost cannot be regained 
and hopefully the victim family will take it to court to punish all concern financially till it hurts their pockets and life forever.
Its happening everywhere and it got to be put to a stop forever...make sure enough publicity and warnings with reminders at all times of this dangerous uncivilised bullying 

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