Friday, November 19, 2010

Chess in Algerian Schools

Chess recognised as an important tool for education in Algeria
Monday, 15 November 2010

On the 11th of November, an important meeting took place. It was presided by 2 Ministers, Mr Boubekeur Benbouzid, Minister for Education and Mr Hachemi Djiar, Minister for Youth and Sports. Mr Lakhdar Mazouz, President of the African Chess Union and Mrs Taous Ameyar, President of the Algerian Federation, were present. Among other high ranking officials of both ministries, participated also to this meeting Mr Hocine Kennouche, General Director of Sports and Mr Abdelhafid Izem , President of the Algerian Sport Schools Federation.
Taking the successful experience of Turkey as a good example to follow, both Ministers stressed the need to popularise Chess everywhere in Algeria because of its many benefits for Children and Youth. They insisted that a program should be prepared and undertaken to teach the game particularly to Children in primary schools, starting in pilot schools and expanding it progressively to all part of Algeria .

They tasked Mrs Ameyar to take concrete action with two main objectives:

- to start a teaching program in pilot schools

- to organise Tournaments between schools

No doubt that the Algerian Chess Federation will be confronted with a real challenge to fulfil the ambitious aspiration of the Ministers concerned to see Chess as an essential tool to widen sport possibilities and improve skills of school children. The leadership of the Federation is, however, determined to play its role fully, whatever the difficulties, how complex and hard they might be.

Mrs Ameyar President of Algerian Chess Federation, Mr Mazouz President of African Chess Union

Mrs Ramki central director Minister of education, Mr Oussedik Vice President of Algerian Chess Federation, Mrs Ameyar president of Algerian Chess Federation, Mr Mazouz President of African Chess Union


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  1. Nice article and what a GREAT move for Chess in Algeria!!