Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chess Got D in NSC Report Card

Sunday November 28, 2010 Star Online

The NSC's report card

A = Excellent: Diving, cycling, wushu, men’s hockey, badminton, equestrian.
B = Satisfactory: Sailing, shooting, billiards and snooker, swimming, beach volleyball, football, rugby, sepaktakraw.
C = Under-achievers: Archery, athletics, women’s hockey, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, taekwondo, table tennis.
D = Should have stayed out: Golf, cricket, kabbadi, chess, xiangqi, weiqi, triathlon.
Shocking news on NSC's Report Card about chess and six other culprits but unlike chess, which targeted a medal according to the news report while departing at KLIA, all the rest just keep their comments quiet. So if NSC do not support chess in the near future, now all knows the reason as results matters utmost.

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