Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MCF needed changes after Karpov lost !!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov re-elected as FIDE President Print
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 21:02
Kirsan-WCCKirsan Ilyumzhinov retains the post of the FIDE President after the General Assembly supported his election ticket with 95 votes as opposed to 55 votes for the ticket of the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov. Mr. Ilyumzhinov’s new term runs until 2014; he has been president of FIDE since 1995.

The elected Presidential Ticket:

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (Russia), President
Georgios Makropoulos (Greece), Deputy President
Lewis Ncube (Zambia), Vice President
Beatriz Marinello (Chile/Brazil), Vice President
Ignatius Leong (Singapore), General Secretary
Nigel Freeman (Bermuda), Treasurer

Nizar Ali Elhaj (Libya), D V Sundar (India) and Mohammad Jafar Kambuzia (Iran) are elected by the General Assembly as new FIDE Vice Presidents.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al-Nehyan (United Arab Emirates) - Continental President of Asia, Silvio Danailov (Bulgaria) - Continental President of Europe, Jorge Vega (Mexico) - Continental President for Americas, and Lakdar Mazus (Algeria)- Continental President for Africa, are also appointed FIDE Vice Presidents.
Reason why Sifu post this news again is because  found an a number of blogs and news still blurred in their reports as they were backing Karpov and never expect to lose because Karpov camp keep saying its 45 : 45 chance and 70 counties will give their support at the last minute. 
Here we talking about dignity about promise about friendship, you just do not betray a friend after promising support when 103 did but only 95 stayed with Kirsan, losing about 8 votes to Karpov, who also managed the 15 unsure votes for a total of 55 votes.
Now is the time to mend friendship but probably not in Malaysia as backing the wrong horse would mean overhauling MCF to a new era and leadership.  Time to hold the sinking ship for new blood and changes needed. Apart from Sifu no other blog dare to back Kirsan or merely backing or shying away, now the time to be counted for a new MCF....

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