Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In the last few days after MSSM, sports have been the headlines by the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Education: wants sports to be a revenant culture to cultivate in school.
But where is the position of CHESS ?
As Sifu have blogged in past posts, as long as chess is not considered sports, chess will only be a step child not a favourite child.  Why not push for chess to be a sports entity ?  Not until Chess is accepted in Olympics or Asia or Commonwealth Games, it will not be the elite sports in the eyes of administrators of sports.
The good news is the commitment of FIDE President to push for Chess to be accepted in Olympics but when it be accepted is another question, even squash is not an Olympics item.
What we need is a campaign and a committee to push for all these, the Malaysian Goverment could be the role model to push for this with the lead by FIDE and Squash World body.
Sifu will Facebook and Buzz to push for Chess  to be accepted as sports and be listed in Olympics and hope all Facebook, bloggers and Buzz followers will support.
Make CHESS accepted as sports and make CHESS an Olympics event

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