Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Caster Semenya

By Ian O'Reilly
BBC News
With the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games under way, leading sporting bodies continue to be embroiled in one of sport's biggest controversies - the gender verification testing of female athletes.
In January a symposium of experts in Miami concluded that some athletes discovered to have gender ambiguities be advised to have treatment, possibly even surgery, to continue competing at international level.
Last week the International Olympic Committee's General Assembly was briefed by the head of its Medical Commission Professor Arne Ljungqvist who recommended that "strategically located centres of excellence should be established to which athletes with a DSD (disorders of sex development) could be referred and, if necessary, further investigated and treated."
"To be clear women are the target here. This issue is about the classification of female athletes not male athletes. There is little sporting advantage to a male athlete having a low testosterone level, however, there can be significant advantages to a female athlete in having a higher testosterone level," says Michele Veroken, a leading sports integrity and ethics specialist.
But is it really necessary to check that female athletes are actually women? Have men competed as women in the past?

Does this apply to chess ? Unlike other sports only chess see women playing in men championship or more like playing in Open Championship and winning them !! Look at the Polgar sisters especially Judith who did not play in women championship except in women Olympiad Team. Judith is a GM not WGM for note.

•  She won the Japfa Classic over 2 world champions!
        -- greatest victory ever by a woman until that time.
     •  She won a match against former Champion Karpov w/ no losses.
     •  Beat world #2 Viswanathan Anand then, with a brilliant combination,
        using multiple sacrifices to win on move 35!
     •  Beat Fischer's record by becoming youngest GM - 15 yrs, 4 months. old.
     •  FIDE World Championship semifinalist
     •  1998 U.S. Open Champion - the only woman to ever win it.
     •  Won Hoogeveen '99 (category XV).
     •  When she was 12 Judit & her sisters near singlehandedly defeated the Soviets.
     •  Once rated in the top ten worldwide - as high as 2670. 

So in local chess  senario, women have excelled to beat and swipe men egos off the board.  At one time it was of note as who will be the next victim to be President (only  for men beaten and of the highest ranking) of Siti Zulaika's, Nur Shazwani's, Eliza Hanum's, Audrey Wong's, Seto Wai Ling's Fan Club !!

May be these fan clubs should be noted and formed officially. Please update me of noted ranked players list in these fan club well Sifu had the opportunity of being a member in Siti Zulaika's (lost in Khallies Castle Allegro) and Audrey Wong's (lost in Selangor Club Allegro) Fan Clubs.  Come on throw your ego aside as you cannot hide the fact that they, these women, have beaten you. Lets get listed or get top players listed if you could remember.  Well these ladies could remember the top men they have beaten email it to Sifu and the fan club list will be posted.

Sifu still remember an elderly player losing to Seto Wai Ling (who was 14 years old then) and Audrey Wong (16 ?)  in a Malaysian Open at Wisma MAA in early 80's, as sifu was assisting Lawrence How, and claimed  how these beauties distracted him as he could not look up into their faces.  But the fact was, these beauties were awesome and brilliant chess players then to become FIDE Master and International Master.  May be sifu have to look up at chess reports then and republished.

So men beware Born To Win by women is not something new in chess it had happened and will continue to happened so do not be surprise if a women becomes the chess world champion next !!

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