Tuesday, February 2, 2010


MMU Campus Malacca at Bukit Beruang, Jalan Ayer Keroh after Ayer Keroh Tol

a REMINDER that the MMU International Chess 2010 is just a few days away, hence this reminder to chess players that the tournament will make the 2010 date comes Saturday 6 Febuary till the 7th. and the time table is displayed here for reference.Sifu have made adjustments for a 6 Rounds Swiss with a 45 minutes time control.


6/02/2010 SATURDAY

1. Registration: 09.00am~10.30am

2. Opening Ceremony :10.30am~11.00 am

3. 1st Round ; 11.00am~12.30pm

REST(Lunch Time) : 12.30pm~02.00pm

4. 2nd Round: 02.00pm~03.30pm

5. 3rd Round: 04.00 pm - 0530 pm

07/02/2010 SUNDAY

1. 4th Round 09.00am~10.30 am

2. 5th. Round 11.00 am - 1230 pm

3. Lunch Rest : 12.30pm~02.00pm

3. 6th. Round 02.00pm~03.30pm

4. Closing Ceremony 04.00pm~05.00pm
All further information to refer to Jason 014 9309816


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