Saturday, February 13, 2010


At KL Braille Resources Centre today will see 30 players battling the chips in DOMINOES, first game starts at 9.00 am and a few blind persons have signed up for the challenge.

Do come to the Centre at 134A Jalan Gombak facing Diamond Square and Bank Raayat to see a different game amybe Dam Aji after this adventure.

Apart from chess, KL Braille is deeply engrossed in producing Braille Quran not for sale but to be given out to mosques or blind Muslims that required them as blind individuals could not afford them.  KL Braille have managed to secure a few sponcers to pay for producing them but it is never enough due to the demand for Braille Quran.

If you are interested YOU COULD ZAKAT THE QURAN at mosques or to be given to individuals who need them.  Call KL Braille at 03 40220046 or email sifu for details

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