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The Star Online Monday February 22, 2010

Sports to be a must in schools By ROSLINA MOHAMAD
Sports activities will be made compulsory in 10,000 schools nationwide starting next year and each student will be required to select a game of his or her choice.
Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said this meant that sports would have a separate syllabus and would no longer be part of the co-curriculum activity as is the current practice.
“The co-curriculum syllabus will be revamped to make sports an activity with its own programme and allocation and not be included with arts and uniformed bodies.
“Schools will be provided with more sports teachers while allocations will be increased to improve the infrastructure as part of efforts to bring glory back to sports,” he told reporters after closing the Pahang Umno convention here yesterday.
He said a committee has been set up to look into the revamp besides looking into ways to credit those who were active in sports.
“By giving additional marks to them, it would help to encourage them to excel both in sports as well as academically,” he added.
Stating that sports were good for mental as well as physical health besides inculcating leadership qualities, Muhyiddin noted that parents nowadays stressed too much on academic achievement.
He said currently sports activities in schools started a few months after the start of a new term until the middle of the year, with none at all for the rest of the year.
Muhyiddin said schools would have more time to arrange its sports and academic calendar when the implementation started next year.
 Sifu says that now we need thinking leaders and school being the breeding ground for future leaders is the best pioneer outpost but teach the correct methodology and ideas but before all these what we need are the correct breeders, leaders and managers.  Train or retrained them on the new and correct methodologies just do not leave it to the wind or they will be like lalangs, flowing where the wind blows. Guide and lead them to the correct path.

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