Thursday, February 18, 2010


The motion by FIFA  in football and the thought to review the present punishment on one action of a player that is to stop or prevent a goal opportunity with a foul that resulted in the player being red card, a penalty awarded and further suspension as a straight red card means two or three games suspension, please ponder why chess could be as constructive.

Chess do not have red or yellow as in football or green as warning in hockey or do chess need them !!
Let Sifu jot a few cases that had happened on the local chess scenes.

1. A young player lost a crucial game in the last moments, then upset the table, throwing clock and pieces to the floor. A rude destructive move uncalled for by a young talented player.  There was still a round to go but he will only be runners up.
The Arbiter demanded the player pick up the pieces, set up the table, and found the clock in working order. The Arbiter suspended the player and ask him to leave the tournament.
So a red card and punishment but no further action as  the player later oppologised and subsequently stop playing for some time.

2. A young school team player lost a game but took his time in leaving the playing hall as he felt bad in letting his team down in the crucial match as winning would mean a MSSKL Upper Secondary Boy Team Champion.
The Arbiter subsequenly gave him a warning to leave the hall.  He was not talking nor disturbing except the rule want all players that finished the game to leave the playing hall.  He left the table but stands at the door to be engrossed in the game of his other three team mates.
The International Arbiter disqualified him for not following the instruction but he had lost his game so could not be penalised and the FIA disqualified his other three team members that was still playing !!! And the team got 0 points for that round. The reason : an Arbiter has the absolute power.

Only Allah have absolute power.  Tiada orang yang lebih berkuasa melainkan Allah.

So what it means not one red card but four red cards and subsequently the team lost the championship by one and half points after being punished for three points.
An appeal was made and RM200 deposited, the Appeal board had the FIA as a advisory member, so it resulted,  that the Arbiter have absolute power and the board back his decision but the Appeal money was returned as the Board feel the school should not be punished as enough punishment was made.
Letters were send to various authorities but the answer being it is just a school championship and all matters lies with the school and appeal board.  Some of the Appeal Board could not challenged the Chairperson as she was over board and all being teachers could not go against a senior member and since nobody want to get involved .
The school lost an appeal but won the war but it could not changed the result or the thinking of the FIA or even MCF.
An appeal to FIDE should have been made as the FIA make a mockory of chess arbitership but its history but remembered and now blogged as justice could be made till death.

3. At a national team championship, a team which submitted their team list on time as and when an FIA announced that non submission would mean the team will play as in order of team registration list as rank one to four.
The FIA refused to accept the list as he commented that the list must be submitted before the stiputated time. He subsequently tore the team list and wrote a new team list of players one to four.  He gave a red card as he has absolute power and team lost two points as two of their team members have gone home and reserve players were suppose to play in replacement.

4.  A team coach start a clock of their player when the Arbiter had given permission to that particular game to start half an hour late as the oppornent had applied for permission and was allowed as she has to take an exam paper that morning, she came only ten minutes late.
Now with Zero start all this is not possible or possible !!
As in a chess game only the players could touch the clock and the coach should not interfere in the game, the coach was asked to leave the playing hall as punishment or red card.  He returned to be involve in subsequent rounds as enough punished was made.

Let you ponder over these facts that had happened in the local Malaysian scenes and involved FIDE International Arbiters and let you evaluate it. as an  FIA must be absolute objectivily, demostrated at all times during his activity as an arbiter; means he must be a person of sound mind, fair, friendly but firm and well knowledge on chess, finally he must be a man of substance and principle to be fair at all times.

So chess should also then introduce green, yellow and red cards for chess games and take actions against arbiters if such major wrong decisions are made, then the Arbiter should be suspended or punished as seem fit.  An arbiter must be fair and quantify all reasons before judgement or reasons made and given.And lastly he must be of sound mind and qualified.

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