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Potkin Wins In Aix-les-Bains

Potkin Wins In Aix-les-Bains

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12th Euro Indiv Champs logo.jpgLong-time leader Vladimir Potkin of Russia took the European Individual Chess Championship title on tie-breaks after taking a quick draw with Judit Polgar in the final round.
That turned out to be enough for Potkin to take first place thanks to a superior tie-break score (the first tie-break score was the TPR - tournament performance rating).
With the top top 23 finishers qualifying for the Chess World Cup later this year, nerves were shredded among the players in the last round as some took safe draws and other pushed for wins, depending on how safe they thought they were.
According to The Week In Chess, reports from the scene suggest that there was great confusion as to who had qualified. The organisers' calculation of the TPR involved ignoring the highest and lowest individual game rating performances for everyone and their scores in those games.
Another quirk was that since three players among the top 23 have already qualified for the World Cup by other means (Svidler, Potkin and Mamedov), it appears that the final places 24-26th have also qualified.
Notable casualties included the young talents Ian Nepomniachtchi and Fabiano Caruana.
The final top standings (qualifiers in red):

1Potkin VladimirRUS26538.52849
2Wojtaszek RadoslawPOL27118.52826
3Polgar JuditHUN26868.52799
4Moiseenko AlexanderUKR26738.52755
5Vallejo Pons FranciscoESP27078.02819
6Ragger MarkusAUT26148.02783
7Feller SebastienFRA26578.02766
8Svidler PeterRUS27308.02751
9Mamedov RaufAZE26678.02751
10Vitiugov NikitaRUS27208.02741
11Zhigalko SergeiBLR26808.02732
12Jakovenko DmitryRUS27188.02719
13Korobov AntonUKR26478.02697
14Inarkiev ErnestoRUS26748.02695
15Postny EvgenyISR25858.02633
16Azarov SergeiBLR26157.52776
17Khairullin IldarRUS26347.52771
18Kobalia MikhailRUS26727.52754
19Guliyev NamigAZE25227.52739
20Zherebukh YaroslavUKR25607.52739
21Riazantsev AlexanderRUS26797.52728
22Iordachescu ViorelMDA26267.52725
23Lupulescu ConstantinROU26267.52722
24Mcshane Luke JENG26837.52718
25Fridman DanielGER26617.52717
26Motylev AlexanderRUS26777.52716
27Ivanisevic IvanSRB26177.52712
28Jobava BaadurGEO27077.52711
29Parligras Mircea-EmilianROU25987.52709
30Romanov EvgenyRUS26247.52709
31Esen BarisTUR25287.52707
32Nielsen Peter HeineDEN26707.52703
33Cheparinov IvanBUL26647.52698
34Gustafsson JanGER26477.52687
35Kulaots KaidoEST26017.52669
36Smirin IliaISR26587.52668
37Saric IvanCRO26267.52651
38Pashikian ArmanARM26427.52649
39Edouard RomainFRA26007.52634
40Bologan ViktorMDA26717.52629
41Beliavsky Alexander GSLO26197.52627
42Rublevsky SergeiRUS26787.52627
43Volkov SergeyRUS26217.52625
44Sjugirov SananRUS26437.52594

Two games from the final round are below. All games are available at the official website.

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