Wednesday, March 10, 2010


21 March 2010 is just days away and most of the OKUs are excited to form teams among themselves.  Its 2 OKU + 1 non OKU (rating below 1200 only) either for OKU Blind or OKU non Blind categories, its only RM 60 per team and top 10 teams have money waiting with the winner getting RM1500.
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Places are limited for 150 players or 50 teams in the 4 categories offered.
1. Blind OKU
2. Non Blind OKU
3. Primary School team Open for all primary students fee at RM30 per team of 3 and RM1000 for the Champion team
Pic Source SM
4. Secondary School team open for all secondary students at RM30 a team of 3 and same RM1000 for champion team.
Register with KL Braille at 03 40220046.

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