Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sifu's Favourite Websites / Blogs

Sifu was asked, what is Sifu's favorite Websites/blog ?
Chess, chess. chess and any news but no nonsense or vulgar, swearing plus Jangan Aibkan Orang Lain.
How good you are, God and Prophet is better.
How perfect you are God and Prophet is absolutely perfect.
How right you are only God and Prophet is right.
Writing is for eternity and it be there so even after we are gone our writings and blogging will be there so if lies, and more lies are published, punishment awaits you in hereafter. So better write the truth and it will prevail. Feel good feel blessed.
On chess, Sifu have listed only a few where chess postings are for study and additional knowledge and improvement of the game, in fact to be able to study chess from zero knowledge like Chess.com, Chess Publishing.com and MyChessBlog.com

WGM Natalia_Pogonina Chess.com

there are many more interesting chess blogs but Sifu main listings are those which gives theories, chess studies and analysis.  Sifu might have missed a few more good blogs and sites so Sifu is ever willing to learn and acknowledge if Sifu being inform about these sites plus blogs or sites that gives information and announcements of chess events. A few local Mas sites and blogs are useful too but not to be biased Sifu acknowledge some of them good so their listings links could be seen in most chess blogs.

www.chess.co.uk › HomeChess NewsEvents 
So my cousins and siblings where for you to blog and search to improve your chess.  Good luck. 

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