Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ahmad Zaimi n Siti Fatimah Wedding Hall

Taman Ampang Hilir along MRR2 was a beautiful site for choice of son's wedding place.  It was awesome that such a beautiful place is not known in Kuala Lumpur but Zaimi and Fatimah make it known now. 
Thanking all the great Aminah Gossip Group Family, and all friends from school days at Gurney, High School, TI KL, Sultan Abdul Hamid Collage, UTM, UiTM, VI, SKBD and all Maracongs for making it a great day and thanking Allah for making it a success.   From the hearts of Sifu Latiff, Dato Aminah Din and family.

Taman Ampang Hilir
Taman Ampang Hilir Night
Mum celebrated her 93 Birthday on 18 December

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