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What is New in Theory?:Dec.11 -

What is New in Theory?:Dec.11 -


What is New in Theory?:2011

My friend Max was curious.“Why do you put up this update only at the end of the month?” “Don’t forget that this is a site review. There are TNs galore every month at I wait and choose the most interesting of them all” I replied.

Some times in my search I stumble on something extraordinary that was not played yesterday or the day before. But it still has a bearing on critical lines of theory.Like the following game:


A great battle in which both players showed resourcefulness and the outcome was not clear till the end.

What can we conclude about the state of theory here? If White chooses the Bayonet Attack with the immediate 9.b4, the response, 9…Ne8 may not be the most active continuation. The principled move 9…Nh5 continues to be the standard line.

There is a lot else to be explored on this site.Among the updates this month do not miss the column, Daring Defences by Glenn Flear.


It has some enjoyable games with the Benko Gambit:

And if you like the update on French by Watson


do not mention it to my friend Max. He says,"God made e4 to keep every one happy. Then Satan found....e6."Smile

Last but not least, do visit the ChessPub Forum. You could meet like-minded friends and enjoy discussing your favourite opening:

See you next year!

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