Monday, January 2, 2012

The ECU's New Rules!! -

The ECU's New Rules!! -

The ECU's New Rules!!

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Now, when you play a match or a tournament sanctioned by the European Chess Union (ECU), you better bring your "A-Game" and look good while doing so, because things have changed...for the better.

When the general assembly of the ECU met Monday, delegates from 48 countries met and approved new standards and measures that span the entire co-continent of Europe.

The new features include a dress code for all chess players and no draws in any games under 40-moves. The ECU is headed up by Silvio Danailov, who is also Veselin Topalov's manager. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest here and not just me?

The article also talks about copyrighting of chess moves played during major tournaments (another Danailov idea I'm sure), but that seems to require additional steps taken by lawyers and added deliberations.

The nationwide anti-draw rules will go into effect beginning January 1st, 2012, following rules that have already been in place in Russia this entire past year.

Personally, after the debacle of Kazan earlier this year, something like this should've been implemented sooner as I distincly remember most of the tournament consisting of short draws and certain players wearing t-shirts and jeans to the event. My LIVE-blogs on the event weren't exactly objective towards this.

When it comes to the article above, it's pretty interesting and includes discussion about choosing tournament venues and at the bottom of the feature are additional links for you to read up on so you can get caught up on all of the rumblings going on at the ECU right now. Cool

My "Chess In Numbers" blog series will return tomorrow morning, or even possibly tonight, depending on how the day goes, but either way it'll be up. Laughing

Have a great day everyone!


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