Saturday, December 31, 2011

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new year - Google Search

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- Report images2011 have been a good year but Sifu have had a few events that effected my life. Sifu had an unexpected stroke mild! but left Sifu immobile on left side for a week and now recovering and walking with a cane for stability. but biggest disappointed is no going or sending the chess team to ASEAN PARAGAMES in SOLO Indonesia..all due to few major factors, Malaysia was the defending champion but Solo had other ideas when they changed the rule of the chess game when playing blindfold in all B category i.e. involving the blind and turning it into a B1 event possibly to benefit the hosts but it was Myanmar that captured the 2 men individual Golds in visual category which host targeted.
Malaysia will definately be in Rangoon 2013 if APC maintain that the event must have compulsory rules like in KL2009 and KORAT2007 for chess and not changed to favor the hosts.
2012 hopefully will see a major event like a Malaysian Open for OKU (PWD) and the Malaysian Paralimpiad 2012 in Kuantan possibly in June.

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