Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say No To Drugs

The on going World Championship Match in Sofia have created a few first.
  1.  Complete silence to avoid asking for draw.
  2. No handshake after a match
  3. Three repeated moves for a draw and asking arbiter for the draw.
  4. Drug test after the third game.
In the local chess senario, silence during the match have been and will be the norm for all tournaments.  Secondly handshakes is also a norm for friendship before and after the game, its only war and enemy on board but not before or after the game.  It all shows Gens Una Sumus, we are a family!
But the interesting factor is dope testing for chess.  So beware all drug users, dope testing could become a requirement for all FIDE rated tournaments in the future, be clean and reject all drugs, be a real champion clean of drugs. SAY NO TO DRUGS.  BE CLEAN.

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