Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re-energize yourself–naturally

Question: What is one of the fastest growing packaged categories in the world?
Answer: According to Mintel Market Research, ‘the popular beverage market of energy drinks continues to grow with sales increasing over 240% from 2004 to 2009. In the same timeframe, there has been a flood of new energy drinks to the market with new product launches up by over 110%.
The problem with this amazing increase is the growing awareness that energy drinks have a downside. As Lynn Dornblaster from Mintel notes, “There is a significant market right now for drinks offering a boost of energy. “Although consumers say they try to eat and drink better, it appears that energy drinks is not a category in which that happens, as they continue to choose options that contain sugar, caffeine and taurine, all of which can have negative effects if consumed in excess.”
But is there a better way of boosting your energy levels but not resorting to energy drinks? Doing some exercise for example or perhaps meditating?
What about thinking quickly?
According to Princeton’s psychologist, Emily Pronin (et al), the simple act of thinking quickly (or what she calls manic thinking) can help you to feel more energized.
The authors note that: "The results of our experiment suggest the intriguing possibility that even during moments when people feel stuck having depressed thoughts, interventions that accelerate the speed of such thoughts may serve to boost feelings of positive affect and energy."
So if you are feeling low in energy rather than reaching for an energy drink or your 5th cup of coffee try Speed Thinking. You can now re-energize yourself-naturally without any potential damaging side-effects.


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