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FEAR !! Do Speed Thinking. What do you most fear ?

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We have all heard of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride) but what of the seven deadly fears?

These are (in no particular order):
  • 1. Fear of Dying

  • 2. Fear of Ageing

  • 3. Fear of Change

  • 4. Fear of not Measuring up to Other’s Expectations.

  • 5. Fear of Rejection.

  • 6. Fear of Failure

  • 7. Fear of making a Mistake

This is a personal list–no doubt there are others or you might have your own list. My point is that many people go through life limiting themselves in what they can achieve because they are trapped by their own fears. For example, let’s consider the first one (i.e. the fear of dying). Why worry about something that we know is going to happen? We can minimise the probability of it occurring early but that is about it. Religion has been created  to overcome this often crippling fear. With the promise of an after-life but do believe however that if we find meaning in your life then you do not have to fear death.

And while we are at it–why fear ageing (the second fear)? Again this is a natural biological process that every living organism goes through at varying rates. Again why worry about it? With age can come wisdom, maturity, kids and if we keep mentally active we can stay young in heart and mind.

The remainder of the seven fears can also be overcome or reduced. One of the reasons I am excited by Speed Thinking for example, is that it provides a glimpse of what we are all capable of because it enables you to just create, decide or solve without worrying about these fears. Why? Because you are too busy doing to worry about any of these fears. I have watched literally thousands of people amaze themselves because for a brief few minutes they are not being fearful. They are being authentic and original.
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