Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mind Game

After the Silence treatment according to Sofia Rules, the Game is in Anand favour at 2.5 - 1.5 with the 5th. Game in a blackout (power failure ?!) but the 3rd. game raised many questions and a handshake was actually made before the start of the game but not after, refer to the following article by

V Anand draws a line: Doesn't offer to play draw 

Just before the start of this World Chess Championship Match in Sofia, Bulgaria, Topalov and his Manager had tried to provoke Anand with statements saying that Topalov won't offer or accept draw offers from Viswanathan Anand in accordance to the Sofia rule. All draw offers should be through the arbiter. Anand in the Opening press conference had reminded them "A world Championship should be played with world Championship rules."
However yesterday it was Topalov, who in all probability, was in a dilemma when it was obvious to one and all that the game was heading for a draw from the very early stages. Topalov playing Whites tried his best but was unable to find any chinks in Anand's armour. The Indian on his part was sitting comfortably and made no effort to propose a draw. By the 40th turn, the position was as dry as it could be and Topalov went to the arbiter to procure peace and completely ignored Anand. The arbiter came to the table but Anand continued to look at the board and made his move, indicating his refusal for a draw. Topalov had to sit down and resume playing. Anand continued to make a few moves and forced a technical draw (by threefold repetition of moves) after 46 moves. The game may have ended in a draw with the point shared but it was a psychological victory for Anand as he strongly showed that if he wants a draw, he knows how to get it! Sofia rules or not! Full article...

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