Sunday, April 18, 2010

NWM Choo MIN Wang

NM Choo Min Wang taking on 13 opponents, wish could named them, any chance Choo or QSS !!.
After getting the National Master tittle in 1957, Choo Min Wang never left the chess scene, he was in Malaysian Chess Federation on a number of roles and basically looking after chess affairs for Dato Tan Chin Nam and presently still a strong player and lecturing chess at MMU and Cyberjaya.
Sifu got to know Choo in the 80's when sifu want to learn about arbitership, basically he became sifu's mentor in arbitership and chess management with Laurence How the second mentor.  Learning arbitership was manual using pairing cards unlike now with chess swiss pairing avaliable even on the internet, another person who gave encouragement, norms and a great mentor to be an International Arbiter was Champomanes, the former FIDE President who invited sifu to the Manila and Athens Olympiad in the late 80's and the FIDE CARDEC Scholarship to Moscow in USSR then.
But  Choo biggest achievement was the winning of three Gold Medals and three Silvers in the Asean Paralimpics at Manila, Korat and Kuala Lumpur.  Choo was certified partially blind due to age and cronic eyeball problem that being certified as blindness and sifu gladly accepted Choo as an paralimpic athlete.
His first outing in Manila was a miss on gold, when he won two silvers in blind individual and team events.
In Korat, the cold weather was not too kind on him, when he was coughing and his cold played havoc for him to miss a checkmate on the Gold medalist to give him a Bronze  individual medal and a silver team medal.
But in Kuala Lumpur 2009, Choo was ready to capture B2B3 Individual Gold, a Combined B1B2B3 Individual and Team Gold with with Mah Hassan and Shaharuddin Sidek.
It was a great achievement for chess in Malaysia to win the first men gold ever in chess either in able or paralimpic chess.  MSN honoured him with an award but sifu would recommend him for the Malaysia Best Man Chess Atlete for the NM, 3 Golds, 3 Silvers and a Bronze medals.
Will Choo, who is a chess veteran, play in Bandung Asean Paragames 2011 ? Until and unless new young players appear on the scene and beat Choo, who is still unbeatable in paralimpic chess, qualifying would be a formality.

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