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After first part on tips to be a top chess player, where you have to study about mind mapping then Part 2 is what is the making of top chess players.

I. Chess is the touchstone of intellect."
Chess is in its essence a game, in its form an art, and in its execution a science.
Chess is a game of understanding, not memory.

II Understand the key notes of top ten greatest chess players.
Postby batilsky

1. Kasparov — because he is Kasparov

2. Karpov — 150 victories in international tournaments and matches. Maybe greatest practical player — even in inferior positions he would not force a draw but prolongs the game on the assumption that everyone will inevitably err, everyone but him.

3. Fischer — his clear but aggressive strategical play is a model for all chessplayers. Playing over Fischer’s games is the best way to improve yours.

4. Anand — a champion in all formats and in all time controls.

5. Capablanca — the greatest talent ever in the history of chess. Sees at a glance what others labor over for hours.

6. Botvinnik — the Patriarch of Soviet chess, introduced the scientific method of playing.

7. Kramnik — at his best "Big Vlad" just sees everything and grabs more and more space until your pieces fall off the board.

8. Alekhine — always trying to beat you. Plays the entire board and his play is characterized by switching the attack from side to side until his opponent’s position collapses.

9. Lasker — The warrior: he introduced the concept of playing the man as well as the board.

10. Steinitz — Lay the foundation for a systematized system of "principles of playing chess"

III. Use of chess computers to enhance chess playing skills.

If you are a avid chess player then use computer chess as a partner, opponent or as your own personal coach.

Using computer chess is not only for amusement. You can also play computer chess to aid analysis, for practicing before competitions, and for research. Average consumers can now access computer chess. Chess engines are widely available online and you will simply download the game. You can learn many things from playing chess computer. If you’re having a hard time in doing the right chess opening, you can improve your skills by practicing using the chess computer and you can become unbeatable. Computer chess will not only teach you some strategies but also effective tactics.

Top chess players are also using chess computers to enhance their skills. Even if you’re new to chess, you can make use of the appropriate program so that you can play the game at the desired level and strength. There are online versions of chess computer but you can also install software if you like. By opting for the chess computer software, you can learn the different moves for every chess piece. Chess is an addicting game and if you try the chess computer, you will surely learn a lot.

Perhaps the best thing about the computer chess is that you can play at your preferred level. You can use it as your learning tool. Don’t get discouraged if you always lose in the games; just try to learn from your mistakes and soon you will be good at it.

Traditional chess will require an opponent but with chess computer, you can choose among the wide range of chess games – from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional games. Some of the computer chess games are suitable for younger players especially the beginners but you can also find ones that are suitable for advanced players. Young people will surely enjoy learning the basics of the game with the colorful game boards and extra elements.

Free downloads are also offered by certain sites but the games are usually limited versions only since you will need to purchase if you want to continue playing. Advanced players can choose the computer chess games played against ultimate players. The game can teach you the latest best moves; so you see, you’re learning a lot while playing.

You can choose between the two views – the overhead and real life chess games (3-dimensional). The viewing angle can also be adjusted especially if you’re maneuvering from one position to another. If you can’t find an opponent who is better than you, you can always play chess computer. You can play the game as much as you like and at any time of the day or night. Chess is really an addicting and exciting game; you too can learn more about chess if you play computer chess online or on installed software.
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